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Just as the Rich Man
Deep within the earth, are screams so loud Where the souls of many are chained and bound Such misery, wailing and nashing of teeth As fire and brimstone boils souls beneath The smoke of their torment rises forever They have no rest, day or night, no never Affliction is God's judgment for a world so lost They afflicted His own and must pay the cost The coward, the abominable, the murderer The unbelieving, the whoremonger, the idolater The sorcerer and let us not forget the liar Bound together for eternity in a lake of fire Just as the rich man in hell lifted his eyes A place of torment and never to die As he begged for water to touch his lips The world too will beg for one little sip Souls of the damn, beg, just one more chance With tear filled eyes, God gives them a glance I came to you but you cried leave me alone Now judgment has come and my mercy is gone You rejected my Son, and rejected my word You laughed and mocked in a dying world In a world too busy running to and fro In eternity, you will reap the harvest you sew You had all the answers, your own understanding You did it your way, rejecting My blessing Trusting in man, refusal to turn from your wicked way Never humbled before me, on your knees did you pray In your choices, you refused to seek my face Yet, you can't understand why you are in the place You trusted in your own wisdom, your lusts and fears Now you stand before me begging with tears In place of my holiness, you chose sin Without praying, you allowed evil to win With not one thought of all that I gave Rejecting my Son who died to save In your own wisdom, you knew better than I You traded my truth for a self serving lie Your heart puffed up with so much pride Your ego so tall, your soul withered and died Why didn't you listen, I spoke to your heart From a wicked world, you refused to part I offered you Heaven but the world you chose Hell you receive as the gates of paradise close I love, I am just, I cannot go back on my word I am the way, the truth, the life, I divide with a sword My mercy, my grace flowed from Heaven's throne Yet you turned your back on redemption's song I offered you life, you chose to walk among the dead Holding to the hand of Satan, you strayed as he led You see, your eternal destiny, it is not I to blame I waited for you, you refused to call upon my name Trusting in a world so lost and undone Your trust turned to loss as Satan won Yes my heart aches to leave you behind But traveling the broad way, Hell you will find Now Hell is reality, it receives its own today In the flames of eternity, souls forever to stay In the portals of darkness, My light shines no more The cries of suffering, Hell sealed forevermore. Written by: Donetta Harless Thursday July 14, 2016
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