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Remembering Radical Relatives
Explain your historical evolution radically, inclusively, expansively, good-humoredly; not carefully, deductively, reductively, sarcastically. We once had a school of thought among up and coming geneticists and historians that the precursor to the regeneration of a species, or even an ecological paradigm, most any kind of reiterative memory and retrieval system, is like a loosening of instructive but too-dominant stresses within our DNA MoreContentedNature Codex, so we can act more like a school of thoughtful fish then a vile swarm of rabid media piranhas feeding on pariahs. That is, the Golden Rule shifts from too Positive or too Negative to Both-And (0)-normative Earth Balanced. What was regeneratively exegetical, orthodox trusted reality becomes part of a staged multi-generational change process influencing what had remained only eisegetically (0)-soul hoped for, a healthier, more nondual co-arising sensory therapeutic-cooperative political-economic as ecological bicameral healthy trusting balance. Some scientists and philosophers said maybe true, and some said maybe not. On the maybe true side was a Professor Demings, speaking of evolution as increasingly positive freedom trends away from overly-instructive, deductive, reductive dominance of [co-empathic?] neural-rooted communication networks. Meanwhile Bucky Fuller was ranting and rhyming on about the information/exformation regenerative exchange ratios evening out, and how this is climatically essential for growing political and economic cooperation to emerge a new system that will replace the PreMillennial Competitions of Ecology v Economics, as if they were not the same Eco (0) Root System of therapeutically nutritional dialectical geometrics of synergetic-evolving language. Then we remembered that natural systems produced more (0) Positive/NotNot Negative health anomalies with less loss, as compared to our PreMillennial Received View of evolution as BusinessAsUsual fundamentalist WinLose Games taking place between Heaven on Earth, dying to decompose and fission and burn to separate ourselves into Silos of Eternal Hell. Then, with a bicameral mindbody nudge from Julian Jaynes, half of the Great Transition bicameral minds deductively noticed which deviations are cooperative-positive, and which are pathologically negative, rooted in which have the greatest nutritional harmonics and deepening dynamic effect that is most sustainable, like political/economic self-invested cooperative networks, rather than all those struggling against potential Losers so they can become political and economic Winners, over others. Suddenly community and economic developers became ecotherapists and ecologists became facilitators of bicameral group-dynamic system and anti-system trust theorists, realtors joined farmers marching for greatest and highest and deepest resonant values as those with least struggling-against competitive health futures. Highest and Healthiest Interior as Exterior Landscape Use with least effort means no readjustment of (0)ZenTao Culture needed, weeding and watering not much required, yet notnot irrational to anticipate polypathic nutritional WinWins through at least Seven ReGenerations. During the final stage of the Great PostMillennial Wave of Transition, the multicultural strengths of Positive Yang-Information are found to be the fractal-seasonal-temporal balancing therapy needed to respond effectively to prior notnot Yin-Squared dualdark dissonant negative alternative trends. By definition, too Yin RightBrain-recessive, concave (B. Fuller), and yet implicate predictors (David Bohm) of this new postmillennial Yang/Yin cooperative bicameral speciation opportunity. We noticed back in early PostMillennial Time, ConvexYang was competitively too dominant, and therefore negative in dipolar response to ConcaveYin, too repressed to fulfill her positive-cooperative potential for nurturing natural integrity. Together these function toward averaging in/ex-functionality, balanced evolutionary positive psychology of ecoconsciousness, co-empathic dipolar bicameral trust, within and among our extended family selves. Now, further in to more PostMillennial Golden Rules of cooperative politics-economics-ecologics, Evolutionary Psychology aligns with Positive Psychology and Compassionate socioeconomic (0)sum political-economic ecological health therapy, mindfulness extending from childhood dreams through adult (0)Zen polypathic listening and movement, praxis of breathing ecoconsciousness both internally and externally, in and out, treating within as without, for WinWin. Psychologists and other equally PolyPathic Evolutionists stepped into comprehension that the reason one positive or double-negative nomial, variable relationship, seems to associate with another, is because everything is caused by everything as unreality is not caused by nothing, and anti-reality is caused by mutual-immune deficiencies of cooperative Uracil/Cytosine functional balance, as Yang/Yin fractal harmonics, as +1/-,-0 binary, double binding, bilateral, binomial (0)sum thermodynamic balance, as predicted by QByte health v. pathology value trends, co-arising positive WinWin, ecobalancing Earth’s LoseLose competitive absence of co-gravitation, co-empathic political and economic mutual subsidiarity, cooperative complementarity of trust in ReGeneratively Healthy Landscapes personally within as ecotherapeutic political power without. Avoid leadership offers from Over-Yanged Supremacist Plutocrats disguising themselves for self and other esteem as globally benign democrats. Long-term health trends don't look so good from this PostMillennial perspective. On the other hand, good luck finding a GlobalHealth Democrat willing to invite Plutocrats to invest in our highest and healthiest cooperative banquet. Live radical polyempathic highest and deepest and healthiest truths, political-economic cooperative trusts, Earth-centered multicultural loves. Explain us.
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