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The Bell in the Bush
The Bell in the Bush Down woodland paths the wolf did roam Far away from his packs home For game he’d wandered off to seek The sick, the helpless and the weak When happened he across a fawn Tied amid, a forest lawn Well, he thought, what stroke of luck a meal is set for me to tuck “I wouldn’t do that”, came a voice “It would not be your first best choice” The wolf sprang round, saw standing near A proud and steadfast mother deer “What is that you have to say? Why do you hold me from my prey?” “Because the fawn, he be mine I wish him grow up strong and fine” “With you for him, I will not vie for me to live the fawn must die” “Oh wolf, I thought you would be wise do you not see before your eyes? no wish have I to dent your pride can you not see the fawn is tied? snatched by man to use as bait then left for you, here to wait” The wolf sat back to relax “Can you not offer me some facts? Where is this man of which you speak?” “In yonder house fast asleep” “How will he know the bait I’ve found?” “Because the hidden bell will sound” “You see to rope there is a bell if you attack it rings to tell the man in bed will then awaken knowing that his baits been taken, no matter where or fast you run the man will kill you with his gun” His eyes a slit as they did narrow Was this deer a hawk or sparrow Thoughts in his mind she did confuse Is this the truth or just a ruse? He looked in eyes of doe eyed deer And still was left …. with no idea “I fancy not and do declare the fawn is caught in simple snare and so I think I’ll call your bluff and if I’m wrong, then that is tough” “But if I’m right you’ll look forlorn laying dead before the dawn” “Let me see that bell you hide so I may be satisfied” “The bell is hidden in this bush behind these leaves so green and lush the leaves you will have to disturb and then the man the bell has heard” “For me then there’s no gain to stay I’m free of you to walk away” “Well no, not quite” the deer replied “For this with you I will confide if you decide away to slip the bell in bush, I’ll surely tip” “It seems then deer in this we’re trapped” As on the earth his paw he tapped “So something from me, you want done before the rising of the sun?” “Oh yes your help I really need I ask you wolf to do good deed” “My teeth are blunt as weathered stone I can’t chew through the rope alone and if I try the rope I’ll pull then bell will ring out loud and full but your teeth are sharp and strong to chew through rope won’t take you long” “You realise my dear female it’s me the wolf, you do blackmail” “Tis such a small thing I do ask and for you will be no great task Look! I will hold this end steady you may begin when you are ready” The wolf sat back in admiration Was this deer some new creation? All the others he had met Were skittish and so full of fret But this one, she had some gall She was the bravest of them all He shook his head and teeth he bared Bit at the rope the fawn ensnared At the fibres he did chew And very soon he’d bitten through The fawn now free ran to his mother He was so frightened of the other The wolf then said. “Listen well my dear of me there is no need to fear you I admit, I do admire even if you be a liar” “You can’t say that to me fierce wolf unless you think you do have proof” “My statement then I do withdraw my mind like rope you have chafed raw so be away and take your young and thank you for this night of fun but listen now and listen well this story others you won’t tell” “Don’t take this tale and make a song about the wolf who did no wrong for certain as I am the wolf the next deer I meet, I’ll engulf” The deer to wolf did not reply Instead in woods, the pair did fly At bush the wolf did sit and stare Was there a bell concealed there? As off did run the fawn and doe The answer now, he’ll never know But for the deer I do suspect He has now gained, some respect. Moral; Never underestimate anyone you meet. For Carol Eastman Contest
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