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Empathy as Green Democracy
I don't think it's just me. I find myself challenged to change LeftBrain cognitive beliefs, languaged abstractions of personal knowledge, perhaps because it is not possible to change Right Brain's Elder feelings of co-empathic trust where dipolar co-arising mutual immunity raises dissonance as noisy pathology. I discover this issue as more of a question about changing my feelings by changing my beliefs about feelings as something that could be wrong, should be different, in a healthier, better, more beautiful world, would be better if I were a better person, we would feel and think better, if we could comprehend our PermaCultural Golden SelfAsOther Political/Economic Rules of ecological dialects, political health-power trends with economic reiteratively polyculturing relationships. Sometimes when I empathically feel like why and why not I believe something is not right about what I think I should rationally define as correct, according to Business As Usual LeftBrain deductive dominance, should be truth, should become exegetical, emerge as permaculturally orthodox co-empathic dominance, unquestionable feeling/belief in health v pathology, then I also think my RightBrain feelings of not right-true shadowing LeftBrain cooperative-affective dissonant information of not Left-Right balanced languaged cultural belief, yet; truth-statement belief with empathic trust v. mistrust, distrust as untrust, chronically evolves as anti-trust, hatred, monoculturally sociopathic in more climatically critical political and economic as ecological events. I am reading Dr. Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzaden's excellent "Social Movements in Politics". The more I read, the more troubled I feel about this choice of title. It doesn't feel like it fully matches the rich evolutionary messages unfolding behind these history lessons. For example, Zirakzaden, using Business As Usual academic-analytical narrative voice, articulates the evolution of West Germany's political/economic ecological environment, the prelude understory leading toward more recent historical-cultural emergence of the Green Party, in the late twentieth century since the emergence of what became, as far as I recall from my religious history lessons, the Christian Party. Given the enculturing titles of West Germany's social-political systemic structures, if feels likely many Greens would prefer Zirakzaden's choice of title to have been "Political Movements within Judeo-Christian Organized Crimes Against Nature". How I feel about this story influences how I think I would best step into it, empathize within these shifting thoughts and feelings, most nutritionally, most informed by empathic poli-economic trust in healthy feelings, in feelings which are healthy by definition of their accuracy, their integrity, their honesty, speaking to pathological appositional beliefs as dis-regenerative, diseased, dissonant, troubling. Yet, this empathy requires a poli-economic choice between using Advocate v Academic Voice, at least on paper, or invested in our great transitional digital cloud of unknowing. The Green Party emerges as a social-political movement away from Judeo-Christian Traditions of Organized Pathological Stewardship, problematic where divorcing human nature from co-arising sacred nature of nondual nature/spirit biosystems, love as synergy, spiritual minds as natural sensory transregenerational bodies, Green as notnot Revelations of Organized Crimes Against OurSelves, all Earth Tribes, Earth and her regenerative open-solar co-arising nondual EcoLogical EcoSystem. As an EarthTribe global citizen, reading about W. Germany's Green emergence, I empathize with the Green Party as Political Movement Heroine/Hero EcoTherapeutic Story, virally inserting ourselves within every pore and cell of our Elder Judeo/Christian/Islamic Story including Crimes Against Earth now struggling to change our poli-economic key from minor to major PermaCultural Development as CoEmpathic Creative Design and Primal Purpose for Politics as a Science; an EcoTherapeutic Political Tao of Science. In "Trust in Black America" Dr. Shayla C. Nunnally explores comparative politics of trust, mistrust, distrust, and probably hate as measured in recent survey samples-- where haters would be unlikely to erupt from sinister closets. Here we find political trust, and lack thereof, follows ecopolitical history, power-over through Judeo-Christian-Islamic ownership as the full story about stewardship, while power-with through empathy co-arises nondual mutually subsidiary mentorships of ecotrust, most richly found in cultural-ethnic historical enclaves within embryonic Earth's OrganicTribal Congress of ReGenerate-Healthy Evolution. Even so, my historically nurtured empathic trust, like everyone else's, begins in embryo, the dynamic fractal-existentialism of DNA I believe and feel intends to grow out as polypathically as politically and economically possible from that safe healthy ZeroZone epicenter, ecocenter of healthy holonic humane life. Empathic Trust is cognitive-affective default on the love-peace side of history, absorbing enslaving other-as-self hate, anger-fear appositional warring about incommensurable positions yet still within our own political-economic identity equation. If we need trusting beliefs to fully embrace empathic feelings, do we also need untrusting pathological absence of belief to fully embrace fears of mutual immunity, internal ambiguities of unresolved ego/eco Left/Right, Self/Other ownership of mutually nutritional trust, not quite yet discovered? A mix of more active distrusting juxtapositions about fundamentals of ecobalance and more moderate mistrusting juxtapositions about proportional aesthetics of multicultural truths; diverse political positions internally and externally conversing, noticing and listening for Golden co-empathic trust to follow nondual bilateral light. Equal polynomial primal synergy parts in-between past anger and future fear hearts.
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