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PART 2 - Earthbound Angels Made of Stone - An Epic
Those evil thorns of bitterness That couldn't bear to see This child so loved and so adored By their father Captain Lee Until one day in early May When she went out to play In fields drenched in morning dew Above a wind swept Bay While standing there Out on a ledge Above a sea of green With eyes cast down In deep reflection Upon that ship of dreams T'was then Her brothers Only half Stepped out beyond the pale And took the life of Amber As her father's ship set sail The child of Rose And Captain lee So cherished and adored Her lifeless body Found that morning On the Ocean floor Forever laid to rest in death Beneath her mother's breast Her named refrained for years in vain Cried through her father's pain So many times in life This Rose Had dealt with tragedy But this time She was dealt A lifetime Sentence Of grief Without reprieve alone with Hope and faith Nowhere in her sight She drifted in a fog of Endless days And endless nights A broken soul With only yearnings For her little girl A broken soul Drifting Through a cruel And lonely world A soul so deeply steeped in Endless grief and Endless sorrow Chained to that tragic day With no wish To see tomorrow Until one day When Rose laid down Upon the brink of death And watched those green leaves Turn to amber Kissed by autumn's breath A breath that set a blazing fire Deep within her soul When that mighty tree Found the strength To finally let her children go And...standing there Before her now Rose saw a tree With empty boughs And in that moment realized Those we love Will never die That tree would bear The cruel sting That winter's breath Of ice would bring To once again Give birth In spring So with faith and hope Now at her side She found again the will To rise To spread her wings again And fly ~~~ For two more score Rose closed the door On that devil Tragedy Reborn again Found inner-peace In spirituality Loyal companion And caregiver to The ailing Captain Lee Who no longer had the Will to sail Upon the endless sea He died a sad and broken man Who finally came to understand It was his son's Who bore the thorns That left his heart and mind so torn When they with Greed and jealousy Killed The sweetest child Ever born But... Justice In its own strange way Had indeed The final say When the sons of Captain Lee Went to the bottom Of the sea Downed by a fierce Raging storm That finally killed Those bitter thorns The day their father Died Coin and land And hearth and home The Captain had bequeathed For she had stayed there By his side Long after she was free In his final Will and testament His one good parting deed Signed with a long repenting quill And by the legal powers that be He did in deed In deep repose Give it all to Rose Rose now walked The streets of town With grace and dignity The richest women in the land Thanks to Captain Lee For two more score With open door Rose lived in tranquility Her house dedicated To the legacy Of Captain Cannon Lee Providing shelter to the poor Abandoned women And their babes So grateful for the many lives With the grace of God She saved She died one day in autumn When amber leaves fell from the tree And was laid to rest Beside her daughter And the Captain Cannon Lee Dubbed the Rose of Savannah By those who knew her well They came by the hundreds To say their last farewell Rose petals In shades of ebony Were laid upon her grave Each one in loving memory For all the lives she Helped to save ~~~ We dwell in quiet places Where mortals sleep eternally We earthbound angels made of stone Keeping vigil for thee Stone angels carved by human hands In honor of the dead Giving meaning to the path Where mortals dare to tread Written: June, 2016 Author: Elaine C. George of Canada
Copyright © 2021 Elaine George . All Rights Reserved