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Hit Repeat
Hit Repeat Written by Rebekah Shipp June 6, 2016 When this sick beat drops And you find yourself lost Bass ALL up in your ears And your eyes start to tear When the treble pops your lid It’s Casablanca all over again Cause all I hear you sayin is “here’s lookin at you kid” It’s too fast You too fast Flying lyrics off my tongue too fast Suddenly I’m on your mind in a flash Suddenly you know I’m here to last It’s so much fun Rhyming on my tongue Like Celeste be sayin’ You better run, run, run Throwing lyrics so quick You must be stunned Go, go, go, you got this son! So please don’t fight You know I’m right I throw ‘em so swift I’m outta sight I must be tight To the left & to the right Everybody hold on with all your’ might Cause it just might be That thing you see In the rear view mirror, Listening Staring back at me Whispering We try so hard to keep it clean We Riled up Toasted up I’m in your mouth You know what’s up So shut up With that bass in your truck Tryin’ to drop some bars With your face in the mud So please say a prayer for me At night before you go to sleep Before you drift & start to dream Please plug me in and hit repeat! So listen up carefully we rollin up & down these streets your bars are droppin to your feet You know you can not count on me Cause I’m the one I’m still not done Beats blazin on you like the sun Yes I have won! Now you have gone deep down inside you still want some Now lets try this one more time Cause I am yours and you are mine You think you Cash, then walk the line Just like in time As fine as wine I keep on goin side by side I keep on goin Rhyme after rhyme This is crazy I can’t stop I hit the mike As his beat drops I hit the stage as my flow rocks I hit the page My pen won’t stop! What?! What?! How can this be? He does it so dang naturally His bass so sick His bass so ill My eyes wide open Body chill I call it null He call it nill I call it shrimp He call it krill I call it pane It’s window sill Now don’t you fret, I got the bill. And now we done with this at last It always ends up with a crash And you got mad cause you got trashed And now you sad cause you ain’t fast! Don’t be sad…
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