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TaoTree of Good and NotSoMuch
BodyLove feels like muscular energy, while AgapeMindLove emerges weirdly in reverse; mind fluency, fertility, health… Not in any way dissonant with BodyLove, ideally to grow maturing health also ecologically balanced EgoAnthro ReGenerate Positive Psychology HealthAsWealth EarthTribal MindBodies. That is, I feel like we can and do, sometimes, grow more athletic in our love capacities, our cooperatively positive energy. We can grow from loving just one little Ego into loving ourselves within a quasi-functional family, emerging more maturely into a kinda screwed up, but benignly cooperative as originally intended, species impatiently sometimes too patiently other times working through distinctions and tensions within loving others as ourselves, and loving and not loving some of our behaviors, our communications, our relationships and transactions with our kids, our spouses but our colleagues too, our neighbors as global residents too, our fellow lovers exercising our cooperatively intended behaviors of would-be perfect mind with body lovers. I do believe we can train ourselves and maybe even each other, how and why to become healthier, grow mindful, merge more inclusive of our own, and other’s negative behaviors, “enemies” speaking our mutually imperfect tensions, dissonances of misunderstanding, misprioritizing capital-centric investments over our cooperative (0)Riginal Intent. This dissonance, though suffering and loss, anger and fear disruptions into our current love capacities, expanding out toward a globally extending family of regeneratively intended health-with-safety lives, expanding back through prior generations of embryonic DNA, back through pre-embryonic RNA coding assignations of light as warmth, exegetical temporal development instructions for regenerating (0)-centric co-gravitating Time, measured in c-squared fractals Prime Tao CoRelational DiPolar Light, expanding eco-echo-consciousness back through bilaterally co-arising DNA-rooted ecologic forward, forward toward our Great Exegetical CoEnlightenment, forward through PostMillennial DiPolar TaoTime speaking WinWin Gaming Theorems in co-laterally (0)-balanced bipedal both thumbs revolving dominant clockwise Up; Expanding deep-rootedly, permaculturally, sinking into positive nutrient Uracil reconnecting sync-time Cytosine, dipolar co-arising, double-negative binomially septic-aptic [Basic Attendance as Agape Self-OtherEnvironment default] WinWin economics YinYin optimal CQI healthy politics, fluent plasmatic double-boundaried wu wei health/pathology flow-power analysis Tipping Point ecosystemic understory within Yang/Uracil fractal-balancing formation primal functions. Does your positively active love capacity grow ecoconsciously, and bicamerally analogical? Rooted within ecological metrics of light AND dualdark development, between BlackHole deep-dense health regenerative embryonic (0)Riginal Intention Landscapes of Time’s Health Agenda AND EarthTribe’s (0)Mega Exegetical Language Landscape, speaking ReGenerative ReCreation Stories through Beloved CoOperative Networks of expanding love and peace networks and reverse-correlational implosion fusion of Anger/Fear Power Management suboptimizing LeftBrain deduce-and-dominate monopolistic as monoculture WinLose Yang dominating Yin culturing recessions toward pathological dissonance competitive ego-centric consciousness, rather than Left loving Right’s positives and negative-dissonant dipolarity with positive and pathology health and safety development functions. within ecosystemically nested networks of cooperatively intended economic with politically positive communication trends from, as well as toward, health v. pathology co-intelligent co-arising memory, stretching light’s ecobalancing healthy Time toward EarthTribe’s Beloved Communities EcoSystemic self-correcting WinWin Networks of P=N(NP) as Yang=notnotYin co-arising dipolar light-squared eco-balancing Tipping Point Prime Co-Relational Function of Universal ThermoDynamic TaoBalance. More simply and therefore lovingly said, we become better lovers within Earth’s more loving organic environments wherein we evolve easier to recognize active love power muscle tone, harmonic tunes, and flexibility to reverse time’s energy of diastatic muscle and skeletal tense body strength-power-over environment, over Other, over others, over future and through past moments of anger and fear management by muscling through, pushing egocentric as anthrocentric evolutionary theories of ultimate WinLose survival of the Yangiest. Yin love power optimally grows in love from and through and for and with Yang’s CQI Earth-ReGenerative Health and DNA/RNA Safety, with mutually co-arising HistoriCultural, EcoLogical-EcoNomic, Political-CoOperative Evolutionary Agenda Items extending proof-lines back toward (0) sum bilateral soul-emergent cosmological-eco-open-systemic intent. To grow healthier Yin with Yang balancing ecoconscious love, relax discontenting Yang-strained and stressed muscles, feed them better nutritional balance, to include less sleep deprivation, to oxygenate and feed muscles and bones and tendons including breathing and stretching, strengthening mindfulness by strengthening lifestyle maintenance and grace-movement. Polypathic practices of dipolar equivalent balancing, stretching Basic Attendance transliterative and transubstantiating consciousness as Ego’s natural-spiritual mental health center Where PowerFlexing is good, but so is polycultural-outcome stretching, breathing and beating and dancing toward general health maintenance of one nondual co-arising mindbody, exegetically evolving (y)our economic health as politically cooperative YangYin-Body wealth.
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