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Sonnet 14, Part 3 of 3
11. They came to devour and sin. I was briefed by a cornucopia of beings: From Torchwood, ARGUS, SHIELD and their kin; The Talamasca, The Shop and MiB Greens; A BPRD agent who was burning in Hell; The Syndicate, Consortium, Watchers and Trust; The Illuminati brought a golden bell; C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S., MHI (such knowledge robust). The collider at CERN had opened the rift. A nanoscopic tear in a monstrous dimension. Worshipers, ever vigil, exploited that gift. Now we must, utterly, curtail their ascension. Then into the house she entered, shrugging. There was a kiss and a hugging. 12. There was a kiss and a hugging. Rescued from a cult in Ipswitch. Her demeanor, ethereal, bugging. She slept with a peculiar twitch. My angst and attention will have to wait For monster judication and portal castration. Outside, we gathered, fearing our fate -- Awful things floated like blimps in formation. By whatever means, we search in teams: Arkham, Innsmouth, Dunwich and Salem; CERN, Antarctica, the Nan Madol dreams; Jerusalem's Lot, Beelitz-Heilstätten Asylum; Transylvania and the Isle of Dead Creeple. We worship a circular steeple. 13. We worship a circular steeple. Time repeats when trapped in a vortex. I'm driven to Brooklyn in a VW diesel. A Tesla device in a Gravesend complex. Bug-eyed tenants, oblivious, contemplate. In the boiler room, it whirs and hums. A competent team attempts to recalibrate Until a big blobbish Shoggoth comes. Then two ... and three. We scatter in fright. The Shoggoths engorge and enfold the device; But, not before a self-destruct is set alight. The object destroyed; but, at such a steep price. These things are here to herd the sheeple. Soylent Green is made of people. 14. Soylent Green is made of people. The rift at CERN has closed at last! A major cleanup, and a mess of fecal. Civilians clueless through a MiB blast. The sun is out, the sky sublime. I drive, antsy, anticlimactic, anticipating. A return to normal space-time. Sad goodbyes. Partnerships dissipating. I hold her hand on the couch of gloom. Stroking her witchy, Veronica Lake hair. A warm wind kisses the flowers in bloom. The radio's singing, cable's back on the air. She hisses with a tooth-decaying smell. Ripples in warm sunbeams dwell. 15. Ripples in warm sunbeams dwell. A soul in flux begins to stall. I meditate on a living well. I pray the night may never fall. A flicker blurs beyond my eye. Softly she sits upon my knee. A many-legged thing I spy, My silent lady tries to flee, It's a beautiful world we live in. A hole in space needs plugging, They came to devour and sin, There was a kiss and a hugging, We worship a circular steeple, Soylent Green is made of people.
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