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Variations on a HarmonicTheme
Children are Fundamentalists Children are literalists, fundamentalists. When they hear “You’re filthy and you stink!” the younger they are, the less likely to hear as a mature adult might, “You have a sour smell on you. Please go bathe, and use some soap and shampoo, and you might want to think about some conditioner and body lotion while you’re in there taking care of your lovely and beloved self.” Early language and experiential learners, younger students of what this culture, and this particular relationship, is about right now, interpreters of newer lines of eisegetical experience, newer exegetes of communication’s more recent transactions, begin with fundamental heuristics, and expand out more ecologically and analogically from that root. So, should a parent, or some other powerful political and/or economic figure in any younger and significantly less powerful life, rant and rave about my stinky marginal self, as a child I would hear this as a foul-soiled Ego identity. Not necessarily something that could be easily remedied with a soapy bath. We begin as fundamentalists, in which stinky mindbody pathology issues delivered with ballistic verbal aggression root more deeply into our self-identity, to help us discover how we must be, steeped in negativity, pathology. The opposite of all the above could lead to reduced cognitive-affective dissonance, and a more Positive Psychology, a more cooperative political economy of proactive self and other communication as polycultural multicultural interdependent synergetic integral unitarian coarising co-gravitating WinWin exegetical enculturation Rather than more competitive fundamentalist Lose the Stinky Loser! Capacity to sustain mature loving communication expands through longer sustained primary political and economic relationships. These primal communicative transactions favor finding our co-empathic balance, where my image of how you are feeling, my predictions of how you will feel and think when I do and say as I prefer right now, matters not more than my own ego’s thoughts and feelings, but not less either. Rather, political and economic cooperative relationships evolve positively across time’s revolving moments, actively sending and stretching toward our mutually co-arising confluence (“contentment” for students of Laotse) to live within this relationship within each moment of time within this Basic Attendance sweet spot as much as possible, and to learn how to co-adjust, how to communicate with bilaterally cooperative political mind and economic body balance to co-host our future Beloved Communication, spinning away from climatic crises yet embracing their opportunities for deeply fundamental learning, gaining more mature, healthier, co-arising polycultural capacity for love. Norwood, Pascal, and Pronoia v Political Pathology Robin Norwood brings evidence that too much active love invested where not appreciated, so perhaps divested of appropriate communication, can grow beyond ego’s capacity to sustain healthy self-nurturing curiosity, active hope and faith in self identity as good and loving and healthy person, causing chronic, occasionally critical, mindbody disease. Yet, Poet Pascal, “When one does not love too much, one does not love enough.” Perhaps Pascal does not know sustained investment in active love without at least occasional appreciation of love in return. Perhaps this critical and chronic disease of too much comparatively given and not received and returned positive intention despite not received is more about active faith than reiteratively healthy love. Abundantly reiterative love grows crippled through non-investment in faith in basic ego’s healthy attendance, in basic anthro’s healthy co-attendance to Earth’s exegetically syntaxed nature, active hope roots and delivers through past mutually co-gravitational co-arising investments in time’s universally healthy love regeneration, fundamentally exegetical and ecologically eisegetical co-arising through (0) sum political balance, as positive co-lateral enthymematic intent. Shout out (but not too loud or soft) to Rob Brezsny “Pronoia is the Antidote for Paranoia” for pointing to this Norwood-Pascal paradox, dipolar appositions of creative political stress through cognitive dissonance. Bucky Fuller’s Bilateral Existentialism Experience, consciousness of experience when remembered emerges thru DNA/RNA encoding memory restrictions, strictures, notnot structures, appositional associations between metaphysical ecosystemic minds CO-ARISING physical biosystemic bodies. Experience co-arises positively and cooperatively through evolutionary hope of further enthymematic co-gravitation, notnot, dust to dust of dipolar complexity appositioned with Positive to Positive, WinBioEgo + WinEco Ego – Eco in Fullerian iconography Plan B + Plan A organic + systemic co-intelligence of DNA, RNA, Embryonic Seedship Earth as Solar-Powered Health v. Pathology Intelligent Design Designed Co-Designing Past thru Future BiLateral Time.
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