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THE LONGEST DAWN PART 3 H.C.SONNETS There is nothing, everything, pain and joy We can’t go back, struggle on for their sakes A blank sheet to fill, take heed of the ploy Think twice move once keep an eye on the stakes Turn around, look forward, which do you do Walk in his footsteps, a mile or a day Set your arrows straight and keep your aim true If they miss the target who is to pay What fault lies on your head we ask who knew The creator, Mother Nature, or me I did my best they take no heed to you While they pick fleas from fur sat in the tree But to creep to crawl all goodness can taint To create to build to sew and to paint 11. To create to build to sew and to paint A child an adult, disease is still rife No money, just prayers to a cold stone saint No cures, bouquets, a curtsy and strife Bow to the privileged, ignore the meek Forget those on stone beds alone, afraid Selfishness, rampant, all tread on the weak Aid for the rich as the poor their hands braid They flock in and risk death on oceans blue Why here, why us, please not in my back yard. Babes in arms innocent their plight is true Change place with them, or is that far too hard But think on, love hold firm, don’t let them cloy Just disregard, demolish and annoy 12. Just disregard, demolish and annoy Mistakes we all make each and every day Lives lost, birth is given, let them taste joy Cash for guns, for drugs, none left, rent to pay Others will earn and learn where their cash goes Some never pay why should they, others will The one-eyed god calls, the little child froze They starve, they freeze, we waste and we will kill We take from those with little to none, why Yet demand help to sponsor and raise cash We stamp on the different till they cry The old ignored the sick spurned with tongue lash But we think on and wipe out this bad trait A lesson we learn is it far too late 13. A lesson we learn is it far too late To love to give to care for and cherish All colours all creeds and we all can mate Stand tall make a promise that won’t perish We may be abused and beaten, let’s stop Break the mould remove the dent while there’s time The world will not end it won’t need a prop To help and to love is not a huge crime Skin stretched on bone, blood runneth through our veins Why cry prayers only fall on stone deaf ears We reproduce the same give birth in pain Hold our new babe and share the same new fears Yet listen that squalling new babe it’s late To late my boy, my girl, we learnt to hate. 14. To late my boy, my girl, we learnt to hate Let’s change now while there’s still time for our young Teach them love honour and respect, good traits Let’s mend while we can the evil forked tongue We bleed the same, feel pain, we are equal Our loss hurts our gains lift, we share with all Our young must live life, there is no sequel Let’s lift whom we can, let’s help those who fall Put away the screen rejoice for our birth Exercise your eye, breathe air, contribute Who begat whom, the mix immense with mirth Together love is strong so distribute And yet don't give in to the common lie Life is hard yet worse to say a goodbye 15. Life is hard yet worse to say a good bye One struggles at birth for each breath to take Each finger each toe examined by eye Love immense life given and hearts do break Each stage of life left without a goodbye Made in the image of a greater source From child to adult many tears we cry. Twists and turns are many, life runs its course A giver, a taker, a sin no saint There is nothing, everything, pain and joy To create to build to sew and to paint Just disregard, demolish and annoy A lesson we learn is it far too late To late my boy, my girl, we learnt to hate. © Mandy Tams 24/5/2016
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