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The Skeletons And Songs Of Samsara - 2
In the heart where your naivety resides you wonder what haunts the sun and why pain enjoys your childhood eyes, when you see warm blood run then you know that death can color and like you, death loves a dramatic picture, however, death doesn't dull the future for a youngster hyper to play the leader so you go on healin' and shoutin' jumpin' and fightin', tellin' the world you're smart the game gets faster and stress starts stingin' as parents become impatient with the plan of your art, the alphabet of adventure mispells compliance intuition's arithmetic equals defiance, Intuition's arithmetic equals defiance in the schoolhouse of locked windows, to everything but your heart you pledge allegiance militarized mental architecture drums the ethos academic arrows are aimed right at the soul's throat, the teachers want your free attention curriculums corner creative comprehension by rote and bells ring the brain into submission, the world is shown as a jigsaw puzzle with multiple choice obedience that denies your voice and the more you look over the barbed wall your talent moves further into the anonymous abyss, the music is amiss in the damp camp, you know that there is lightning in your lamp, You know that there is lightning in your lamp family introduces religion into the routines placing an old book on your lap praying that you'll understand what misery means as if you don't know how to read rain and why there are rainbows in puddles or how the cries of punishment stain oh you've learned how love befuddles, yes, there's a scripture in every playground a hymn for all the beastly breaths, parables fit into the shambles of adolescence unbound hormonal graffiti paints prodigal depths with curse words cracking shedding skin a studious savage barks to begin, A studious savage barks to begin graduation into the grind of occupation the streets taught you how to bargain while school made you a fool of gray education you've received a degree in everything but reality yet television magicians have fixed a face for you personality programing increases acceptability into the honeycomb hustle where individuality be taboo, the working world isn't waiting for your consent nor is the rent or the needs of your soul perhaps a job in law enforcement or waste management will be the avenue for your hypnotic stroll, division of labor may make you the sacrificial champ the State will sear your surname on the collar and clamp, The State will sear your surname on the collar and clamp there's a time clock tickin' for your day you better learn to give 8 hours to the corporate vamp paying the war tax with reliable sweat and clay, financial credit can be had for desperate signatures spend twice the price for shallow status survive on the coins of your tears, there's no sympathy for the homeless the quiters and the damned fall the same way and if you want to be a brave loner you had better fortify your armor with a faith ray, if you can't endure without a lover you'll be a gonner, no one has the right to live, being born isn't good enough to stay in, you only have the right to fight to live, to take the win, You only have the right to fight to live, to take the win many want to own your happiness to kill it or to claim it with a dominant grin others have been grading your consciousness since you were a child catchin' simple facts with indelicate hands and undaunted eyes, as an adult you see how equality breaks on the anvil of performance, by stress' strikes, you balk on the borderline of depression's brimstone and success' roses, which redden deeper from the moisture of exhaustion's groan, is it the despair or the hope that makes the leader, do we buckle before or after the battle is the heart of a hero infallible, Is the heart of a hero infallible in the industry of survival where the iron ore of your core becomes shaved steel cold to kindness and hot to the touch of the loyal, yeah, you can be mean too, like a viper in the sun menace the wicked with a mere smile tempt the devil in the dumb with the truth of self serving denial yet hitherto hypocrisy has hindered you put briny mist around your trust and has led you to a vain view in which love is worn to rust, will you become the enemy of ignorance can you become a juggernaut of justice, Can you become a juggernaut of justice, is fate dormant or active underneath your feet, does destiny matter in the shadow of confidence with Providence as an accomplice in the furious feat of remaining young in the demolition of age because you haven't surrendered your star to apathy's ire or hate's bondage finding no shame in that which makes you stronger, capitulation isn't in the equation you don't believe in being hardwired for failure out there, in the morass of the masses is salvation a companion for creation, an inspiration to share unlimited ways to make life beautiful to no longer rage against the inevitable, To no longer rage against the inevitable by now the incurable confusion of conflicts has resolved itself into wisdom inflamable igniting blue flames upon the lips of your heart's risks, emotional intellect is our Godsend atomic poetry the keepsake of what a haunted land will lend, a trust in the unbroken beast you do not foresake because you have held the hunger of an angel's absolute affection and danced to a demon's terror for in this theater of raw freedom you are human, you know the power of fire and weight of ice the diploma soul tattooed, let love be your witness J.A.B.
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