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Seven Last Words of Jesus
I.Jesus Spoke to His Father Jesus spoke to His Heavenly Father Raising up to heaven His ardent pray’r With deep bleeding wounds that he’d all endured, Still hang on the cross to make our soul pure. Words He uttered were for world forgiveness "They don’t know what they’re doing," His confess Through heaven signs, God was a listener Pouring His grace – we behold His power Jesus spoke to God on behalf of us Great messiah, our savior…we must trust Giving himself to stoic suffering Unparalleled to all, God’s so Loving First word on the cross heals souls of the throng Praise Him! Let’s all sing our thanksgiving songs! Luke 23:34 II.Jesus and the Criminal Praise Him! Let’s all sing our thanksgiving songs In His Glory, He wants us to belong With contrite heart, if we truly repent Divine Light spurts from His heart: life ‘s pure vent. Like the criminals on sides of His cross One spoke to Him, asked favor in remorse "I tell you the truth," His precious surprise "Today you’ll be with me in paradise." Tis epitome of passion and mercy In vast ocean of love and boundless sea An invitation for eternal life Offered at His cross, priceless cost was rife. His second word will trawl wicked spirits, Lure discipleship so we’ll never drift! Luke 23:43 III.Jesus’ Mother Lure discipleship so we’ll never drift From Father to His child, a snuggling lift His third word addressed to Mary and John He then said, "Dear woman here is your son." To the disciple, "here is your mother" As John was His most faithful follower. For love and faith reside in God’s children Each one belongs to each other ‘til end. A grateful child looks back to where he’d come Thanking his parents’ love beyond realm So much as the love of God the Father Which will remain forever and ever. Father All-Source is mighty for each child Gifting him birth, back to Christ to abide! John 19: 26-27 IV.Jesus’ Cry Gifting him birth, back to Christ to abide, The reason why His son turned to Him, cried: Eli, Eli lama sabachthani? My God, my God why’ve you forsaken me? Not a complain, just clinging while in pain, Calling His Father- His Love’s sweet refrain! On that very day in the dark of noon, After three hours, His Saving Grace shone! Jesus’ fourth word on the cross had revealed His heart of faith, shook the earth to rebuild Calling our Father who cannot endure Seeing His Son’s wounds--- His scorching love pours! Yet, Jesus showed obedience, sacrifice… Through Him, our deliverance has no price . Mathew 27:46 V.Jesus’ Thirst Through Him, our deliverance has no price As Jesus did what the scripture implied Fifth word on the cross: a man’s needs entice Longed for water, “I’m thirsty,” He cried. A thirst of forgiveness from our Father For man’s deep contrition without struggle Holding God’s love relieves thirst and hunger His words also wash doubts and troubles. For water is life, flows to purify Pow’red by Holy Spirit since we’re baptized Crave being cleansed, in His spirit we rely Seek God first then our happiness comes thrice. His prolonged lamentation was so blessed, Jesus’ word on the cross is my life’s vest! John 19: 28 VI.It is Finished Jesus’ word on the cross is my life’s vest Safest roost in my soul, it will create My sweet refuge, soft adobe for my rest Giving strength, when my wheels of hope deflate. Sixth word on the cross showed His fulfillment By conquering darkness, His glorious reigned! "It’s finished," Christ expressed with endearment, World redemption has sent—our precious gain. These words commenced our new life, our rebirth, Bringing back the lost souls and wanderers By His precious blood shed throughout the earth Now in our heart we shall feel His wonder! It’s finished: words of Divine Deity, When His cross stood tall at Mount Calvary. John 19:30 VII. Jesus’ Spirit When His cross stood tall at Mount Calvary Sun ceased shining, the sky veiled by darkness Temple curtain torn, Christ cried out loudly Self-offering cry to the Great Highness! "Father! In your hands I place my spirit!" His tune of rendition, scattered all seeds Upon these words He died for our merit Now, on Lent, Forever--- Hail Christ’s Good Deeds! Upon these words God and Son became one, Wreath of Trinity in His obedience Jesus Christ was certainly a good man As Acclaimed near His cross ‘til far distance! Christ’s seventh word gives full strength, great relief Like Him, raise ourselves to God-so our grief . Luke 23:46 Copyright2016Leonora Galinta Rights Reserved May 21, 2016 10.15pm
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