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The Grake - For Dr Seuss Contest
On a warm summer’s day, in the month of July, in a town that’s as small as a grasshopper’s thigh, walked a girl with a flower, her eyes looking down, when she bumped into somebody wearing a frown. Now this Someone was someone she’d met once before, and the words that he’d said, she had tried to ignore; so she turned on her heel and she headed away but the Someone called after her, shouting out “HEY!” He said, “Hey you, Missy, you know who I am? I’m the Someone who will and the Someone who can! I’m disliked in this town, but I know what I’ll do - since they seem to hate me, then I’ll make them hate you!” Now, the girl with the flower was starting to shake, 'cause she knew from before that this guy was a Grake! And all Grakes are unstable, they’re mean and they lie, and they like to cause trouble, and make girlies cry. So the next day, she’s walking, her eyes are cast down, when whom should appear but the Grake with the frown! “See, I told you I’d be here, to maim and to crush!” Then he shouted out words that would make a hog blush! Well, the girl with the flower just stood there, confused, 'cause she didn't deserve to be hurt and abused, just an unlucky victim of graking, it seemed, from a Someone who’s vengeful, and grumpy, and mean. So she just stood there silently, knowing she should, 'cause defending herself wouldn’t do any good, and a crowd began forming, just gathering ‘round, just to watch the poor girl, and the Grake with the frown. And the Grake carried on for what seemed like an hour, (for when Grakes have an audience, this gives them power). He ranted and threatened, and made quite a shrill, 'cause he’s Someone who can and he’s Someone who will. Now, the crowds that all came (and they stopped and they stared) Well, they tried to speak up but they felt a bit scared so they just stood there, watching, and shaking their heads and they thought, “glad it’s HER there, and not me instead!” Well, the next day it happened again just the same; that Someone, that Grake, played his same awful game- He attacked the poor girl and he caused such a scene, and the crowd gathered round, just to watch him be mean. And the girl with the flower just took it all in, with a tear on her cheek and a trembling chin, and she felt her whole world start to crash to the ground, when suddenly, she heard such a beautiful sound: “Stop it, you meanie! You’re nothing but bad!” (‘twas the voice of a young girl named LuLu McMad. “You’re nothing much more than a big awful Grake! So stop it right now, You! Go jump in a lake!” Now all eyes were on LuLu, but she held her ground; she walked up to the girl and they both turned around and they stood there with both of their backs to the Grake. Such a simple, yet wonderful statement to make. Then two people joined them, they stood with them, proud. Then two more, then three, then the whole bloomin’ crowd, until every last one had their back to the Grake, and he finally realized, he’d made a mistake! See, when someone is being harassed or put down, it’s not nice to just stand there and not make a sound. So don’t be afraid to stand up for what’s right! And make all the Grakes of the world lose the fight. !!!! If you're being bullied, don't engage - just walk away... and tell an adult. If you see someone being bullied, speak up! It can be scary to stand up to a bully, because we’re afraid we might become the next victim. But sometimes all it takes is one person to break the power that a bully thinks he or she has; it also helps others to be bold enough to speak up too. Be the brave one ... and do the right thing. Dedicated to the sweet and fearless Laura Loo.
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