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Great Transitional Liturgy of Breathing and Beating
Creativity opens doors to learning to read our own, and others’, compelling literacy, beautiful truths. We are not an isolated supreme species creating nihilism, self-serving egoists; or, rather, we are, but within an open sesame systemic potential for also becoming more grace-filled cooperative, endo with ecto symbiotic evolutionaries, learning to read nature’s enspirited dynamic scriptures, color-chemistry dialectals, to hear Earth’s celebratory and climatic voices, warning and blessings, economic transactions as politically synergetic v. oppressive relationships, healthy thru anemic thru enslavement-pathological, inviting our globally beloved future together, creative ecological development within our interior learning ecopolitical landscapes, celebrating harmonic alliterative balance and proportions of rhyming reasons seasons of external landscape’s exquisitely regenerative literature hearing ringing truth of Western grace synonymously resonate with Eastern karma. Ta0-dharma. Internally inbred nihilists apparently fill in for ElderJealous God of totalitarian terrorism, while externally listening evolutionists discover Great Transitional literature in Earth’s dialects of both praise and Gaia's Climatic Vengeance is our own subsidiary domesticated nest of issues to deal with, operatic fear and wonder, musical comedies of dancing birdsong flying whistling waves of oxygen, silent streams of grace overhead, memories of synchronic deep learning wavelinear schools, swimming mindleap strings of form and bodythrust function flowing thru wet historic hydraulics, racing thru bilateral Time’s sacred copresent rhythms of sounding echo-bounding light without, absorbing nondual dark learning creative compost within each of EarthTribe’s deep learning bicameral-ribonucleic systems. Love, like Allah, emerges a co-creative regenerate YHWH (0)-souled verb fertilizing beautiful re-nouned enculturation. Literature, scripture, life’s recreation stories evolve emergent between embryonic Elder ecopolitical nutrition-sacraments of feeding and breeding, invested faith in further diastatic life and final decomposing bows of densely resonant Namaste, sun rising to bow to sun rise our Other notnot Polynomial Hemisphere, co-arising as co-gravitating ecopolitical enculturation rituals of fertility as revolutioning light empathic trust the sun rises and sets on all equally, more or less, or so might become our Original OrthoPraxis, of Truth dipolar co-arising Beauty, Yang with Yin, nature as spirit, EcoPolitical Plan B-Left balancing EcoLogical Plan A-Right.
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