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Well-Timed Oxygen
What is phosphorous to me asked oxygen. Yes, He fuels light where we briefly meet, but light or sulfuric scented dark are dipolar appositionals to me, Janus faces of oxygen as s'posd to be. What is sulfur to me exclaimed oxygen! Yes, she eros scents my stinky arts and parts, producing plasmatic phosphates of wet flowing ribonucleic acidic regenerative function in trilevels of organic implicating space with emerging time of structural polyhedrals polypathic and polymorphic matter, Father-Son dipolar conjoined in Holonic BiLaterally Balanced Spirit, for I am PolyOxygen, while Phosphorous incarnates me as Yang fuel and Sulfur enchants me with her Holonic Spirits of Erotic Addiction, yet, admittedly, an acquired Positive as NotNotNegative too much ReGenerating Acid. What is love to me asked plasmatic universal energy. Yes, YangLove synergy fuels my c-squared light, where we meet inductive-deductive e-squared enlightenment, but light or dualdark cosmology, perhaps too sulfurically dissonant for human healthy scent, remains polynomial dipolar appositional poli-economic equivalence to me, Janus faces of double Yang/Yin as SpaceTime BiLateral Boundary, Left to Right to Left again as Yang to Yin-squared just-right wu wei sulfuric plasma ionizing energy. What is regenerative life to me asked EarthTribe's plasmatic oxygen. Yes, healthy evolution fuels my c-squared balanced light where YangSun's plasmatic flows caress my skin, but Sun's regenerative YangLight or sulfuric yin-fractal polyhedral dualdark Black Hole, cathedral nights, dipolar appositionals of my Universal Matters with coarising Eros Timely Balance for me, Janus faces of breathing revolving in and out of healthy light as life is s'posd to evolve. What is healthy Earth to me asked EarthTribe's AnthroCentric enculturing plasma. Yes, Yangish climatic health fuels my ecoconsciousness, where we meet in polysynthesis, but RNA-enscribed Elder phosphates or DNA syntaxed regenerativity, eco-cathedral of embryonic birth, dipolar appositionals of All Life Matters in self-perpetuating polyculturativity as Yang/Yin temporal bicameral balance for us, Janus faces of breathing light's plasma in Yang as out YinYin EcoLogical Balance, healthy cooperative ecopolitical revolutions as permacultural design is s'posd to be, polycultural future covering dualdark monocultural angry/fearful unplanned histories. Plasmatic health optimizing flows where mute bicameral diving bells polymorph into yin's bilateral butterflies of proportional image, where LeftBrain's flow of internal language polypaths to light Earth's Self-conscience health-communications.
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