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Rapunzel Really Ruby
A pretty girl in a long ago time, was out in her garden one day when a handsome prince rode by on his big white horse. She liked horses and was gazing at it with admiration, when the prince saw her. He had never seen such a pretty girl and wanted to meet her. So he he rode up to her boldly and asked her name. She was flustered and told him "Rapunzel". That wasn't her name but her mama had told her not to talk to strangers and of course never to give her name to a stranger, so she said the first name she could think of at the time. Her name was really," Ruby". The prince said "Thank you" and rode off . The next day he came by again and called, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel", but she kept right on hoeing because her name was "Ruby". When she told her mama about the stranger who had called her "Rapunzel", her mama asked, "What did her look like"? When she described the handsome prince, her mama knew who he was and told her daughter that it would be alright to talk to him. The next time he came by, Rapunzel (really Ruby) was friendly and answered him. Time went on and the two became friends. The prince fell in love with the pretty girl and asked her to marry him. When she told her mama about the proposal, her mama said she should tell him, "Yes". There was an evil witch in the next town, who was in love with the handsome prince and wanted to marry him, herself. She became very angry when she heard that he was going to marry Rapunzel. (really Ruby). She came to Rapunzel's garden. (I am sure the pretty girl has told the prince, by now, that her name is Ruby, so that is what I am going to call her from now on .Anyway the witch grabbed her and locked her up in a basement. The prince came back to see his Ruby and she was gone. He knew that the evil witch had something to do with her disappearance so he went over to the witches home to look around. Ruby saw him from the basement window and waved him over. Then she ran into a corner while the prince broke the window and went into the little room, where she was and took her in his arms and jumped out of the window with her. The witch was even angrier than she had been, so she mixed up some bad brew and was going to offer it to Ruby. Ruby was so nice that she would have thought it impolite to refuse it, but the prince was well aware of what the witch was trying to do, so he took the brew from Ruby and grabbed the witch and made her drink it. The witch lay in a stupor and Snow White's friends the elves came along and found her. They thought Snow White was sleeping again so they tried to revive her by feeding her bonbons. The witch did very well under their tender care and a frog came along and asked her to marry him. She knew the frog thought she was beautiful and the prince was lost to her, so she said, "Yes" to his proposal. Ruby and the prince forgave her and they had a double wedding. Ruby went to live in the prince's palace, happily forever after and the witch and the frog went to live on a log in a bog and I guess they are happy too. Written:4/28/16
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