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Deception in Perception
Deception in perception can you see it, the deception in perception for what may be real to some will never be visible to others so can sane and insanity be reliable labels can crazy or normal be viable claims I guess there's still research to be done Oh I forgot how to pause pause and wait to spring this notion slowly or has it clearly just slipped my mind I guess only to me Through tired eyes I write this for I believe in this for I write this in case someone else can relate I am awake I am awake, that much I know is true but the way I stare into the mirror the way I appear in the mirror I feel fake, I seem fake I take a look and I smile I take a look and I smile a smile so bright like once before like somewhere in this deep reflection somewhere deep in this reflection I can locate all the precious memories where I relay the same smile for the good times, for the great times, for fun was me for fun was all I lived for So what do I live for now has it changed or has it just been me to evolve but what have I evolved into I don't know who I am In foggy eyes, I pace through my remaining days I pace through my remaining days in foggy eyes like a part of me has been stolen from me like I can't make up for a lack of feeling something is off Do I need to get lost in something which gives me great comfort Wait, haven't I been drowning myself in tidings of others smiles Wait, haven't I been dousing myself in the fire of everything I love very true so why am I burying myself alive in slumber my faulty hope to get away I suppose Deception in perception I don't know who I am but I know my name Deception in perception on the outside, I'm not one for smiles yet through the mirror I smile for the years I missed Deception in perception my insecurities allow me to recite I'm nothing and no one yet I have my own audience yet I have my own fans to my fame the ones who knock some sense into me the ones who tell me every single day I'm worth their time I'm worth the world to them I'm everything to them they love me and will never let me fall Deception in perception I have believed that waking up in reality was a constant fright, a steady nightmare but it's been a dream a real dream in disguise, half created the other half has yet to be written, described Deception in perception I can't paint, I can't draw but please pass me the brush pass me the paint so I could envision so I could captivate the beauty of a world I have yet to become a star in Deception in perception I am just a lone wolf, a loner I always like to do things on my own but I have joined a pack who would see me safe, who would see me happy who would never let me go Deception in perception I have said I would never go home again my home has been stolen from me but maybe I've already been home in the arms of my audience in the arms of my fans in the arms of the people who hold me close Deception in perception...
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