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The Catch and The Tremble
Lady dearest, fair Romeo, is this the name the title you wish to bestow upon me or is it one shared among multiple hearts shot at by multiple nets I ask only in truth, in search of truth, in confidence for I know you dare not tread the line to lie to me Dearest Lady, fair Scarlett, I choose this title among others for you are the dearest one to me and if you dare catch my honesty as false here, let me bare my chest so you may pierce it through No, no need love to go through the extreme only indulge me sweet prince and answer these inquiries Romeo, dear Romeo, do I resonate within you? My Scarlett, you should know by now, realize by now you resonate more than I dare to share you are unattainable yet you have attained my attention a dream you are, a dream come true hazel princess Your compliments are grand nor can I deny I'm flustered but flattery will not ease my mind so tell me, 'dear hero', am I the catch in your breath or the tremble upon your lips? Heroine, you are the catch in my breath upon trembling lips whispering your name to starry nights, craving your kiss so indulge an inquiry of my own: Have I answered your intricate questions with satisfying responses or must I convince you more of the love I shower upon you Convince me if you can, convince me if you please but riddle me this do I rest within your thoughts and dreams or do I only brush against the seams of your tattered heart quaking your very rhythm darling and is it me, a sigh beneath the moon with my imprint scarred upon your flesh my love as my fingers trace the etching of you every night Brush? No, my dear, you are the first aid kit in my thoughts the glue in my dreams, the queen of hearts in my slumber stitching up the frayed seams of my tattered heart Allow me another question to ask do you cascade into silence as my heavy voice lulls you to sleep as I sigh to the moon whom always keeps me an arms reach away from you so here, place your imprint upon me if you dare I won't care just as long as you don't mind me saying I'm yours Dear Scarlett, is this all you ask of me? Dear Scarlett, it's true, all I want is you. Scarlett, is this it or is there something else you ask of me? And in a split second, my heart dropped two feet when she... Romeo, there is one more thing you can do...die for me... in swift succession I bore his chest and pierced it through in swift succession she bare my chest and pierced it through My eyes, my vision, they were becoming faint and I panicked as my fingers turned from ghostly white to red Romeo, she shouts as I struggle to stand Romeo, she screams, I didn't mean for you to die on me literally you are my hero, your heart made of gold though tattered and broken, I believed you invincible Scarlett, he said through coughs and weakness Scarlett, he said as he fell to one knee crying Scarlett, you are the world to me and in truth you're the second I've died for please Scarlett, don't protest, let me speak Scarlett, he said as he pulled me in for embrace Scarlett, I'd rather die by your hand than be without you forever Scarlett, though my time has come and my chest broken my heart will stay yours always The last words to part his lips as he fell from the world I love you my queen...tell them my story His story, my story, our story means don't fall for her, don't fall for him and treat him like a liar, take her for granted Make her feel like a queen, let him be your hero and if you give her your heart, die for her figuratively and if you give him your heart, make him promise to not let you bleed
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