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SunGod's Flagrant Fertility
From Darwin, and other naturalists, we learned survival of the fittest as polymorphically equivalent to thrival of the fit-in-ingest. Hmmm,...fittest mutual cooperators ...or maybe peer-to-peer positive-to-positive equals reverse correlative negative-to-negative communisystemic. Yikes! At least permacultural naturalists speak evolution of biosystemic species as an EarthTribe emergence toward polycultural density of healthy relational balance among networking interdependent ecosystems, or so we might conclude from inter-species political relationships and nutritional economic transactions and toxic exploitive peer-to-peer competitions, segregations, non-elite markets for marginalizations, monocultural dominations build border for mutual immunity defenses, subliminally outlined by PolyCulturing BeLoving Internal as External Garden Paradise of sacred-natural regenerative potential, ecological balance. Evolution or synergy or integrity or creativity, or regenerativity, or co-gravitational integrity, of co-empathic trust, or nondual co-arising bicameral ecoconsciousness, and whatever emerges as your healthiest wealthiest TruthGod, your Great Transitional Purpose eco-larger than ego-self, unites, integrates, integrals, fractals, densifies, deep-nurturing network trends emerge diastolically toward global diastasis, peer-to-peer universal yang-power with yinyin richly balanced fertile flow-pattern of WinWin Gaming EcoLogic speaking Creativity as holonic healthy truths of light's thermodynamic balance polymorphing time's incarnation through Eulerian nondual co-arising Primal Function, convex-yang bi-elliptically (0)-soul equivalent with concave double-binding yinyin bionic balance polymorphic to WinWin fractal-RNA/DNA regenerate fractal functions spinning Time's Health-Enculturing Revolution. It matters to global evolution, as to personal Interior Garden revolutions, this density of polymorphic fitting-in cooperative political and economic intention toward ecological fractal-octave nature-spirit ecoconsciousness of explicating-yang and implicating-yinyin bicameral order as bilateral fractal-fold (0)-soul center of Dialectic Time, primal tipping point of CoPresence, surfing co-gravitationally between Alpha Original Intent of SunGod's Light through (0)-polymorphic fit-in-ingest MegaPoint of future's primal Earth polymorphic consciousness, Time's elational-regenerative v. contentious dualdark evolution of Truth's healthy love absorbing, co-redeeming nondual PastAnger as FutureFear. Photosynthesis of light as fuel enlightens polymorphic rich density of bright's divine polypathic (0)-soul, Prime Relational MidWay Point, humanely divining sacred wu wei teleology, regeneratively potentiating eco-intelligent LoveNetwork Identity surrounded by suboptimizing AngerFear Hierarchical Management Protocol, BusinessAsUsual competitions feeding hungry cooperatively-healthy ecoconscious divinely humane mindbodies, polymorphing ecosystems dancing and singing and vocationing and gardening in EarthTribe's Primal Network.
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