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Love Prayer
Show me intimately passionate ways to incarnate political and economic cooperative co-investment potentiality, regenerative integrity, show me our climatic ecological outcomes uniting polycultural polypathic polymorphic paradigms of Time’s evolving light-love TransPresent absorbing absent dualdark anger-AnthroFear of terror’s eco-gravitating passage through eternal ecoconscious light of diastolic freedom-cooperative as yang-yin co-arising Endo/EctoSymbiotic Bliss. Ectosymbiotic positive/negative-immune relations spark endosymbiotic revolutions of warm light and cold double-bound dark thoughts, reiteratively trapped in eisegetically echoing absent silent stasis of timeless bicameral mindbody exegetical ecosystems light and dark nutrient-rich appositional life on and within Earth’s Exterior Landscape, flowing absorbing time consumption and production of regenerative flowers and seeds for me to replant and rediscover, recreate, remember my EarthTribe Elders. As Quakers follow radiant light, Laotse and UUA add, through our universally co-arising dualdark unitarian equivalence, DNA as YangYin embryonic birth through regenerate rebirth of eco-cooperative Zen (0)-investment and further enlightenment reiterative future LightTimes of ReGenesis. Who am I? in Ego’s deductive dark winter of decomposing fallen seeds and leaves and root systems, regenerative healthy compost composing Prime Ecological Generosity of Relationship between Father Sun and Mother Earth Who am I? springing healthy consumer of light’s optimal nutrition and dark’s wet nights of nourishment for diastolic/systolic beating/surfing mindbody dreams Who are we? in diastatic summer’s full regeneration of bright and fertile light, heating absorbing flows of water’s eco-messianic baptismal promise, waking to rainbows of morning manna dew of paradise Who are we? cooperatively producing fallen winnowed harvests, branching flowing flying scattered embryonic seeds of time’s nutritious integrity, advent of 4 Prime Spiral Seasons of light’s enlightening ecobalancing growth, dualdark root thermodynamic heart-flow systems fueling Earth’s hydropowered rivers of timedrenched polycultural becoming light-tempered syntax, speaking through embryonic womb-dialectic rich nutritiously healthy ways, AnthroVitality nesting within EarthTribe’s Solidarity Network Who are we? Earth-time’s rich-languaged polypathic becoming, light of faith in God as NOW and US in Earth’s co-arising love, permacultural revolutionary holonic designs enfolding evolution’s nutrient language-light of Primal EcoSystemic Relationship, YangLeftWest escorting YinRightEast. May we continue learning cooperative endosymbiotic nature is our love-work, AnthroTeleology, CoOperative Vocation, our mission and goal, by relearning competitive ectosymbiotic nature of being, flowing our WinLose bicameral ecoconscious BiCameral Games to decompose cooperative LeftRight co-relations toward WinWin ReGenerativity.
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