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The secret lives of chimney pots V
Spawned from the loins that Perpetuated the loyal serfs mongrel Seed:- These peoples of a conditioned and "Resigned-To-it-all" breed. Born into the enveloping tedium Of interlocking days...Interwoven With interlocking days - Victims of stark circumstance And vague promises unmade. Gregariously living out their lives When warmly embraced by Every self-serving boast brazenly Conveyed... To be exploited, and thus, Insidiously betrayed! Under the fortressed arches And into the newly built courts - An architects realized vision Showingly sports: Communal gardens, devoid of Glasshouses, Rows of potatoes... An absence of trailing and Flowering Sweet peas; But complete with a regulation Once fortnightly Cut lawn, Surrounded with borders of Wood-pulp, Herein, specifically positioned To please: Indiscriminately planted Rhododendron, Slug infested Hostas, and Stunted miniature Maple leafed Trees. Dragging on long and slender cigs, Stepping over mediocre aspirations, Which, regrettably, inevitability Now forbids, Come trudging single-mothers Hauling groups of unruly and Irksome kids. Compounding their problematic Health issues Reinforced by snacking on Comforting habits - Bulging from every fur-lined Pocket Of their zippered-up jackets. Disposable plastic bags stuffed With many tins, bottles, And cheap "Ready-to-eat" microwave Deals, That, for all vitamin deficient sins - Suit all ideals; The uncaring volunteer delivering In turn, To the elderly and infirm, The barely warm "Meals-upon-wheels". Traversing shadowy paths to avoid Where the stooping and hooded Dealer hawks his lurid appeals; Routinely confronting the drunkard Who, staggering homeward, totters And reels Along past troublesome defences Of overgrown embankments and Redundant sidings - Resplendent in outrageously outlaid And profanely sprayed graffiti Offences! Hankering for the comfort their Prone forms should extract from The cheap IKEA settee... When looking forward to settling down With a glossy "Womans Own" magazine - And a nice cup of Rosie Lee! A glass of sparkling white wine... Some precious stolen moments with A favourite Crooners CD. Firstly however, and in this we are Convinced any reasonable woman Would most wholeheartedly agree, She must dutifully prepare a well Furnished table For a hard working-man to partake... Of his plentiful and much deserved Tea. Thus are her loving actions so Calculated Such that spousely reciprocation Should adoringly invoke; Much rather, in joyful release, Happily place her hands around his Greedy throat, And, in enraged fury - The wretched life out of him to Earnestly choke! Such are these shortened lives That ill afforded actions all so Soon to Unavoidably broach, Delivered through clamouring Consumption Encouraged by the perceptions And allure of the populist vote. A doctrine that appeals to the Craven interests and unsustainable conceptions Of the bickering indulgent-classes; This, by the grace of God, we Should so fervently pray not ever Have to undergo; Wavering loyalties easily dissuaded... Then put quietly to one side, And turning their backs Against the prevailing party, Desert and deride - When to self-righteously Overthrow! The sadly predictable backlash When contrasting a collective Consciousness against the many Failings and injustices Of the prevailing Status Quo. Caught up in the clutches of an Inescapable, Downwardly collapsing Spiral They cling to vague hopes of good Fortune, Dogged by the spectre of jingoistic Arrival, That will hopefully usher in the Reforms Of an ailing nations needy but Improbable revival. Confusing the unimportant issues Even further: Fast fading remnants of yesteryear Where fleeting memories briefly Meet... To help compound intellect and Rational thinking - Into confounded and utter defeat!
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