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If Time is Money
Does your money derive from health-regenerative investments? Well, what could that mean? Do you make your money, honey, with both light and dark co-arising memory of midway love and peace intent, avoiding anger-fear monoculturally competitive dominant-power relationships, and struggles against others, against Earth, choosing to struggle with cognitive-affective chronic neural-temporal dissonance, indicators of imbalance issues, and opportunities for more polyculturally nutritious sensory-neural-nutritional regeneratively-intended ecosystemic polyculturing health-trend outcomes? Is that your elevator speech, or Pledge of Allegiance to ReGenerative Health? I thought it was a question that assumed you don't like elevator pitches for more money being removed from your pocket, whether asking or being asked, don't matter, bad timing to invest in one-way elevator rides. Try it again, what is this regenerative health investment you think we both have in mind and body? Is your time and money invested in this cooperative stream of Earth's regenerate evolution, co-arising revolution of transition crisis times as ecoconscious bilateral, and, by the way, therefore evolving-emergent as bicameral-neural light of logos fractal-ecologic? I most certainly hope not!!! That sounds much too grand for EgoMe. But, your most active stage of hope, the one more important than all those that could possibly follow, is now, this moment, is always the permaculturist's nutritional Zero-Centric Zone of Ego/Eco regenerative development and focus Before you in each relationship and transaction, political and economic, two primal principles of cooperative economic investment, possibly of interest to philanthropic, and religious, and large-scale public economic/political health-culture research investors, but most certainly of interest to EgoYou. Such a sweeping scale of regenerativity. Are you sure you can deliver such rich fertility with my money? Where are your outcomes of such vast healthy wealth? You need not search this mindbody proposal to see if I am community invested, if time and life are money-valued commodities, my money and health and regenerative potential for sale or rent in exchange for what quality of money, what source of health investment absorbing dualdark angry-fearful past pathology? This proposal comes to you through deep-nested communities of co-cultural time as light investment. What are your layers of cooperative political and economic investment, where lie these mutually-subsidiary networks? My communities are interdependent communicators, co-empathic autonomic rich paradigmatic intent and polycultural practice. Are your health outcomes of potential interest only to our human tribe, or is there a cooperative DNA/RNA synergy demonstrated in your proposal design, budget, and/or installation investment plan? Which cooperative investment communities appear as higher risk potential divestors due to internal monoculturally-dominant political and economic assumptions? How do you propose to avoid Business As Usual anthrocentric-normative trends? Who do you propose will hope and plan to do business with you, and how, through mutual barter, and/or cooperation? And who intends to continue doing business competitively, without you? And why? Who do you hope and plan to invest in and not invest in, to achieve healthy helpful outcomes, and what and how, whether barter, competition, or cooperative absorption into our Help As Health Bank? Your proposal outcomes, for each moment and day and year, like your own embryonic Ego life, should demonstrate early investors, how you will optimize polyculturally inclusive outcomes of equitable harmony, especially if you are not beginning with a clearly articulated and balanced health-regenerative theory root-systemic base to compost rich fertile health-enculturation. I will consider your deep learning/listening proposals each and every moment of each day and night of mutual ecoconsciousness, asking where does this proposal fit best within our cooperative health-as-help portfolio with other potential investments at this time, and/or to consider in light of prior and still ongoing cooperative-healthguild investments, and their comparative health v. pathology outcomes for future regeneration of Earth's multiculturing Time. Please be sure any investment opportunities explicitly measure future polycultural sensory-health against current comparatively monocultural, over-competitive economic and political status-quo risks, not only within your Nature-Investment Program Outcomes but also how nutritional results will be winnowed and seed-selected, decomposed to enrich your own future regenerative Interior Landscape, your health lives of love with your original and ongoing cooperators, yourselves in aligning/maligning relation with others. Perfect, all here and accounted for. So, how are you investing and divesting as our "Cooperative Help As Health Bank" ecological economic and political health polycultural outcome proposal within your own time as money investment portfolio?
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