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The Lay of The Best Man - Part 4
The Lay of The Best Man - Part 4 I ask you this: Have you ever known a man to ‘buckle under stress’? Or have you never seen a man have a ‘moment of madness’? Have you not heard about the unfortunate Child Physician.? Lynch-mob [illiterate] shout “Paedo!!”… at a Paediatrician?!?! Have you never heard of the man who acted upon ‘voices’ in his head? May be true, may be false, who knows? But he’s left another… dead! Where are all your Psychiatrists? Surely the world should be safer! They claim to understand man’s mind so that we do not ….suffer. Where are all your …..Psychologists - to prevent the incessant rot? Have they not simply compounded the demise of your lot? Tell me: of what good is the skilled Physician that has just saved a life… Only to drive recklessly …..and then kill another man’s wife? Look at the ‘nice’ man right beside you, and please confirm my advice. Is he sexist/racist/homophobic or xenophobic? Call that ‘nice’? Any form of hatred or bigotry exposes man to vitiated practise All forms of prejudice renders the mind to miscarriages of justice. The Road to Perfection may be arduous and impossibly long But the Road to Perdition is a short-cut to where the Damned belong. I’ve seen men baulk at good advise with sheer revulsion. The truth of my words will be made manifest by their very reaction. They shall think me sanctimonious and await my downfall Or wish me harm and set their traps to defeat my life-protocol. Come ‘Dies Irae’, I shall be triumphant, ‘Deus Volente’ ‘Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini’ ……that, surely, is my stay! I’ve seen men cold and calculating they orchestrate violence Any scapegoat will do, to this end, they manipulate evidence. Taking innocent lives, they have bayed lustfully with the pack For fun, sport, or revenge, unjustly thrill in beastly attack. With merciless disregard for person or property, they blight. Dishing out ruthlessness, whether victim be in the wrong - or right. All is not well with the world yet most flatly refuse to see the worst in mankind. This just proves that both they and the rabble are truly one-of-a-kind. They live life as though everything is fair - as in a ‘quid pro quo’ bazaar The ‘Extraterrestrial’ asks "How are things?"; they reply: comme ci comme ca… May I please suggest a tete-a-tete and insist: ‘come, Sir, …come see’…. All is not as it seems, for man’s first love is for ‘self’, and not for humanity! Why do so many still denigrate a woman and take her for granted? Despite what you say, deep within many, I know it’s been indoctrinated. She may seem strange to you, but maybe you’re just as strange to her! She is your equal …and ‘respect’ is not the preserve of one gender over another. You may think you are big and mean, but it doesn’t mean she’s weaker …. cowed. Her spirit is much more stronger, therefore you cannot break her! Coward! Can a woman do what she wants with her body? Of course! Why kick up a stink?? Can a girl wear heels and dress all in pink? That’s her choice. What do you think?? Should she be able to walk in safety at all hours - in skimpy dress? Ideally: Yes. Should she be comfortable with her gender without duress? Definitely! What else? These things that she does, are never the problem and never a crime. That’s fact. The many problems and crimes that disrupts her life are mainly men!!! …How they act. There can be no argument that there are a few good men - very few indeed. Those who will not stand by and gawp as they see a dying man bleed. Yes, it is true that the first instinct of man is to assist the victim in need. But for some, temptation grows, along with the dark shoots of greed. How easily a good heart can get corrupted should be a warning to heed! Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas, ….. this is the mainstay of man’s seed. Of course I expect many to read [and mock] my work. I say to them: Good luck. Continue to pretend that this world and it’s stock is not running amok. One man is repulsed by another because they are of a different race?! Pah!! Do you realise you’ve just inhaled the same air that once exited his face? Hah!!! You can call it racism, jingoism, …..or if you prefer, plain old ‘prejudice’…. Sadly it will never end (let’s not pretend), as we head for the final precipice! (The Fg 81.5.8) Comme ci, comme ca & …tete-a-tete (French) - Like this like that & ‘….head to head’ discussion ‘Deus Volente’ (Latin) - God Willing Dies Irae (Latin) - Day of Wrath ‘Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini (Latin) - The Fear of The Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom. Quid pro quo (Latin) - Something for something Vanitas, vanitatum, omnia vanitas (Latin) - Vanity upon vanities, all is vanity!
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