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Riding Time's Political Flow
We might do well to worry less about including the grizzly bear population in our DNA/RNA cooperatively encultured Golden Rule, after all, we already would kill and eat them, if hungry enough, as they would like to treat us. We could do well to become happier about including the trees and bushes and grass populations in our RNA-Elder sun/moon-centric Golden Rules, after all, we are all on this sun v. moon dipolar co-arising evolutionary ride together, and it is more fun to ride with healthy friends and allies and co-investors, rather than our victims, and brown and grey and green aliens, and those who would be healthier to be free of us since we became over-Yang sapien Win/Lose evolutionary-mythic predators struggling against our predative future death, competing for quality self-care Time, midst all these lesser co-empathic beings of co-arising light and ergodic and bionic-ionic cause/effect nondual dipolarity, of mutual subsidiary political-eco-normic balance. Are our green and brown friends and allies doomed to die without us? I think not, this time. I think their not-death is our regenerative-cooperative dialectical health-plan intelligence of nature-enculturing time's embryonic unfolding prime relationship of Ta(o), as bilateral transparent (0)-soul Time, binomially universally-metaphysically eco-balanced, as Group Theory smooth-structured RNA-4D Revolutioning ThermoDynamic Principle of EcoBalance, and Evolutionary Game Theory fractal-structured DNA-3D/bilaterally nondual co-arising dipolar time-linear-neural-syntax. Probably in response to DNA's overly dominant Leftbrain language as domestication of eco-synergetic-empathy, ego/eco =Left/RightElder bicameral development issues and industrial-strength growth of pace and race away from natural-RNA-rooted wisdom of warm/cold, light/dualdark transparency of organic EarthTime's healthy seasons, and dipolar-InteriorANDExterior polyculturally nutritious health co-opportunities, discontinuance of Ego chaos-dissonance currently replacing RightBrain understory enculturing vocations, producing healthy and beautiful flowers trending toward nutritious embryonic rich compost as fuel-enculturing time-codexed messages of mutual subsidiarity roots growing cooperative healthy branches. RightBrain vocations and embryonic cooperative bicameral political-economic primal-health-development ecosystems. Cooperative trees and forests produce roots and dipolar-functional branches of discontinuous interdependent consumers within productive root-systemic nutritious industry, stretching back toward sun and moon-light memory temporal-neural synaptic+Convex,+ConcaveConvex = (-,-)LoseLose (0)-soul source of bilateral Time as PreEmbryonic CoArising Eco/EgoBirth of Balancing Group EcoTheory DiPolar Dialectic Parameters of Universal Field-Dimensions, revolutioning con-science of time's natural enculturation, space and place emerging grace of nondual co-arising/gravitating polyculturing YangSpaceFold informing-absorbing from YinYinTime-BiLateral UnUnFractalFold, DNA/RNA MutualCommons-c-square-light/dark rooted. Natural systems, like trees and grizzly bears, incarnate Time's enculturation of Earth double-binding-emergent ecosystemic home, flying through co-arising time's ecological transportation and communication and mutual-investment autonomic-empathic system. Double-binding as each Present Moment is both preformed by past and book-ended by past and future evolutioning symbiotic tensions as pretensions predicting healthier retentions, stretching toward positive nutritional flow, toward regenerative health of future Time. All nutritional sensory-neural DNA/RNA-signaged bilateral roads, lead both to and from internal-convex balancing external concave homes, temporal-neural-nomial midway tipping point flow as Health Optimizing Continuous Quality Improvement of InFormation PolyNomial Abundant Yang exterior-facing reverse-balancing ExDiPolarFormation [N(NP) spacetime] appositionally dialectic YinYin interior RNA-co-empathic DNA/RNA eco-confluent WinWin Evolutionary Game HealthStrategy, assuming (0)-soul nondual co-arising dipolar universal-temporal-bilateral reposition/disposition, Fold-UnFold binomial EarthTribe-centric Golden Rule Theorem for eternal self-perpetuation, or at least a whole lot longer than otherwise When human nature-culture turns its back on grizzly and tree root-RNA health-synergetic outcomes, to consider more metaphysically-inclined smooth-structured universal diastatically balanced bicameral minds with temporal dipolarity, thermodynamic balance assumptions of DNA/RNA syntax-season ecological confluence, bilateral ego/eco co-empathic agreement, co-arising regnerative memory system development for enculturing future of Time's health and safety, polyculturing prodigious when not polypathologizing prodigal, RNA's Elder SunGod-EarthMoonGoddess, ecoworshipping root cooperative information systemic networks of communication and mutually subsidiary WinWin political and economic regenerate-revolution as ecological DNA/RNA co-temperate investment balancing divestment of monocultural waste and loss, high risk behaviors for postmillennial regenerators of healthy-safe EarthTribe Time. It is our grizzly nature-cultural conditioning that presents a negative tsunami of a communication problem between changes of internal/external climates, and how to revolutionarily reply, yet with minimum loss to nutritional values for any life, whether a life/loss exclusive to our Ego-Interior, or also without, in our Exterior EarthTribe Landscapes. According to Thomas Kuhn, we're more about discontinuous internally incommensurable, cultural values, where wild ego-competition is always languaged and deductively scienced, yet domestic-inductive co-empathic nondual cooperation remains prelanguaged, waiting this Great Transition Revolving EcoResonant Resolution to polyculturally relanguage our healthy and inclusive norms, conscientific resolve.
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