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His is the whispering voice echoing within the athlete’s field of dreams, The harkening leader, a teacher of strength and confidence, whom takes The raw abilities given unto an individual then molds it, shapes it until This natural turns into a legend, to be remembered throughout all time, Behold the sports mentor, known as a coach! Undefinable is the terminology of what makes a courageous role model, Is it the sacrifices made in the name of a sporting event, or his brave spirit To overcome obstacles challenges, set before him as a human being! Nay it’s the humanity, compassion dwelling within this individual, he whom Is willing to fight and drive another to their utmost degree of performance, Bringing out the best of their athletic abilities no matter the cost, the Show must go on! Honor bound by humility, he whom stands in the shadows of living Giants, a ghost figure of fame's silhouetted legends, who walks off Into the footnotes of history, smiling at a faded photograph, signed By a remembrances talent, simply reading to my coach, I’ll never Be able to repay what you’ve done for me, or meant to me, Sincerely always yours, the natural! At the cracking of the first balls sounding, or the clashing of Helmet’s bashing, alone wolf strolls across the golden Evergreen battlefields of this modern day colosseum! A scout seeking the next gladiator, to fight in this arena Of combatant’s best skilled division of honor, valor, And glories finest! Behold a taskmaster of men’s souls, endurance's judgement Caller testing the winds of destiny, listening for that distant Voice of hungers desire of a champion waiting to be discovered! Grasping upon the heels of an uncertain breeze, this man thus embarks Searching beneath every chained linked fence school yard, or back Alleys scrimmage field, then by fates chance, he sees the next Rising star to shine in brilliances appendages uniform! What is the true meaning of life anyway, is it not to make A difference in this world, for which we are all born upon, And this is the reason, a coach wakes up every morning! For this man’s everlasting legacy, is to listen for that Voice crying out in the wilderness of the inner city streets, Or the suburban outskirts of now where’s vile, and bring The gifted home, to that stadium of fame and recognition! God grants the blessings of the athletic talented to rise up, But it takes a leader of men to spot this raw force, and tenderly Nurture it, until it is finely hewed in the fires of training flame, With respects confidence, the coach tests the metal of the natural, Then releases the next Gladiator unto the field of honor, Shouting go get hum boy, you are the best I’ve ever seen! As a newly born star shines above, a shadow man walks Off again, writing another line in the annals of history, Smiling at a faded photograph, simply stated to The coach always, and sincerely yours, the natural! BY: CHERYL ANNA DUNN
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