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I hate Niggas
I hate Ni**as When I’m looking and staring at this burden world in my vision and I see the world collapsing especially in the poverty streets all I see is ignorance and stupidity. I see a disgrace , I see ni**as ni**as that can’t live up to their higher expectations. Whatever happen to the blacks and browns ? Whatever happen to our role models ? Ni**as these days need to step up and be a man being a gangbanger a pimp and a drug dealer isn’t no excuse that is just being ignorant and just can’t handle your business as a man . The differences between a ni**a a black man and a brown man is a black man and a brown man is well educated and is always providing for his family and stick with his job and career to pay for his living. Ni**as are just plain lazy some even claim they bout it when they had everything good and blissful in their childhood. Ni**as always think in their thick minding skulls that life is so easy and hopeless that they don’t have to put in work well in the troublesome streets. Whatever happen to our sisters respecting themselves ? Why all a sudden they have to be such hoodrats and allow these ni**as to disrespect ya’ll like some damn dogs have some sense ya’ll beautiful and strong please don’t be bitches and sluts. What happen to our blacks and browns ? Whatever happen to our ni**as speaking and spitting that deep lyrical meaning in the music ? WE created and built this rap and hip hop and now we destroying it and poisoning it. We have a choice to not be a ni**a in this society. We have a choice to be a somebody in this society . Put down the guns. Stop disrespecting and fighting the cops by calling them pigs. To get respect you must quit being ni**as and hoodrats. How can someone respect you when you act like ya’ll not well educated ? I feel so disgrace to be brown because the world of my kind ashames me. Ni**as are so hypocritical when a white person uses the word ni**a and they have the audacity to get mad and beat they asses when ya’ll ni**as uses the word a lot until we stop abusing it then any race have the right to use it. It’s never too late to have a dream of something. Do it for your kids Do it for your family and most of all do it for yourself. Ya’ll are not ni**as deep down ya’ll just want to act like it. The word doesn’t owe you jack. The world wants yall to put in work and stop being sorry for yourself because being sorry for yourselves won’t allow you to grow just be mad at reality forever. I will not go down with ni**as that ain’t good. I will not join ni**as in some hoods. Until they do the right thing and become blacks and browns then I be all right but until then I hate ignorant ni**as . Be a man of your word and your society. I hate ni**as that can’t provide. I hate ni**as that can’t choose a better life. I hate ni**as that disrespect our Sisters. I hate ni**as that can’t accept their morals. I hate ni**as that kill. I hate ni**as that can’t pay a bill. I hate ni**as that gang bang. I hate ni**as that be pimping women . Live up to the high expectations don’t let the streets make you and own you allow yourself to better yourself and avoid these no good streets.
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