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Who is Christopher Carson Burton
Who is Christopher Carson Burton? Who am I? Do I know? Do anybody know who I am? I'm just a regular guy a nobody. A regular guy who grew from poverty. Someone who was abandoned. Someone who thought wouldn't make it. I never ask to live in the suburb of Round Rock with my mom trying to have a better life. I didn't I shouldn't even be here. I shouldn't be alive. I should be in Houston in Trinity Gardens dead or in the penitentiary. I should be having a dream of fame like that's going to freaking happen. See my life I can't have a happy life. I can't have a happy ending. Just tragic endings. I let go of my girlfriends. I regret it a little. They don't care And sometimes I don't care People pretend to care about me. People pretend to help me. People are not helping me. I'm on my own. All they see is a scared non educated ghetto brown person. It's my fault that Uncle Clarence died It's my fault that I wasn't there for him to save him. Life is not fair and nice. Life is so damn treacherous. It breaks my heart that I came from nothing that I kind of knew that I wasn't going to amount to nothing. People used to say that I was worthless. I was weak. I was a retard in Special Education. I wasn't good enough. Even the teacher's in Houston said it and laughed it in my face. They were wrong. I graduated. I stayed at my first job when I was 16 for 2 years. I got a new job at Sam's Club. I am on top of the world. But nobody don't give a damn on how I'm holding it down so screw them. People used to be so envious of me, because in the ghetto I had a Uncle that was my father to me and he use to give me a lot and they were envious of my creativity. I don't deserve to be alive, I don't deserve to be born out the bloody non virgin womb. I don't deserve an Uncle Clarence. I don't deserve Sam's . I don't deserve a happy ending. Sometimes in my mind I feel that I rather be dead or in prison than having a flawless opportunity life. People wish in their soft feelings that they can be bless like me able to have my talent of creativity be able to have my style my flawless ability to read and spell. Certain people in the hood especially the kids and teenagers can't live up to my expectations my learning experience why I say that? , because nobody never taught them how to learn to things so instead they abandoned them knowing they would have potential if they teach them. But no you cost it you ruined your kids life in these burden streets but it ain' t about people in the hood flaws. It's about how I feel remorse and down about waking up every morning and sleeping every night wondering why in the hell I'm still here living and having a better life. My Uncle Clarence made a way he made a way for me to have this better life without him I struggle in the hood. But who am I? I'm just a regular guy a nobody A regular guy who grew from poverty. Someone who was abandoned. Someone who was abused. Someone who thought wouldn't make it. And someone who should be let go.
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