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The Trials of Meretrix Canto VII
My Lords an adjournment is Called for... All my retire; But holding foremost in your Thoughts, I beseech ye, Thee impudent countenance of This most ardent denier. Therefore heed me, I caution all ye present, Thou shall not disband; Moreover, to reassemble at any Sudden instance Of insistent and uncontested Demand. So prepare ye to soar, Meretrix, When taking unexpected flight - And outwardly expand! Stand you upon the temples Swaying pinnacle, Frozen in precarious plight! Carried aloft by swept back wings Of infrequent Saqqara bird: Emissary of feathered Horus - God of all celestial light! For a devils advocate I wouldst Play, Whilst treading across eternities Boards Where enacted out this timeless day, Characterized by unjust malign... When casting down wisdoms Ivoried pearls Before these decadent parcels of Pigs and swine! Summon thee lazy drovers, Idling amidst sunny beams in the Lee of the hill, To drive home the lowing bullocks; Fattened from ruminations upon rich Cuds, Lush with glistening dews, Nourished by the source Of the flowered meadow's silvery rill. We will slaughter the bellowing Herds In preparation for feasting - For we have an army of stomachs To fill! Invade into cold silence, prevailing In deep cellars, and liberate Thee oaken barrels; where, aging Within, Ferments the polished grape Plucked from trailers disportion Upon thee heady vine. Prepare to rejoice in sacrifice and Cavortion - The grim alters awash with Congealing rivers Of spilt hot blood and sweetest Tasting wine! Oh fearful Gods, of such terrible Attribution, We shalt sustain you throughout - With horrific orgies of frightful and Lewd design! Alight O ray of heaven To ignite upon ancient and sacred Memphis - The black marks of the Apis bull Calf Are revealed only to me! For it was Adam who was fated To confide in the Viper, Denounced by the tongue of that Treacherous serpent - Castigated in the Golden court Of the horned intermediary. O Osiris "Thee Finisher" Of Earth beneath Heavens... Didst thou plant the infernal seed Of that accursed tree? I pledge to thee victories, Both magnificent and glorious, Salted with desperate tears That vanquished nations should Weep; When thundering across vast and Open plains The flying standards of my Dreaded legions, Laying waste upon all before, Should so triumphantly sweep! All this I would gift unto ye, My Meretrix, If, with scented frankincense and Rare myrrh, Didst that one wise biblical Monarch So covertly seek, Thou would just fall to thine knees, Proud Meretrix... And lovingly administer upon your Masters tired and dusty feet. TO ALL YE NAYSAYERS AND DECRIERS: THE MERETRIX - ONE DAY SHE WILL BE HEARD!!!
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