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Climates of Ballistic Management
Senator Fuller, a permaculture designer turned architect of exterior landscapes then public sector architect of EarthShip cooperative interior landscapes, is with us today to tell us about why he supports Sanders, at this point in time, although he is making no commitments about tomorrow. Welcome Senator, always good to share your day. Well, thanks again for having this sometimes tangential Plan B back for another swing and plug for supporting Cooperative Community Economic Development, locally, in your own climaxing, or not-so-much wanna-be climaxing community, through your own time and money, if you have any, and most folks who get to be up about my age have some that we might not need right away, but also supporting Cooperative CED nationally, through federal economic and political policies, support using WinWin-transparent policy development procedures as permaculture design's eco-logical health and sustainable-safety standards. ReGenerative Security Standards seem to define themselves by first developing an inclusive-co-operative trend of positive-nutrient polycultural perpetual slow growth gradually merging into economic and political health and sustainability, both Interior/Ego and Exterior/Eco Landscapes. Community Economic Therapy is positively intended OVER negative-distended Tipping Point discernment procedures, which would also be useful for global ecological-climate issue framing and positive polycultural dialectic landscape discernment of local thru global health-trends, and cooperative public resonance-optimization resolution, with WinWin outcome structural-procedural defaults. Senator, there might be one or two people in our listening audience not so much interested in the math and science and binary technology paradigms of systemic-temporal thought, perhaps you could say more about how you got excited about Community Economic Development as a model for optimizing health and safety outcomes in the public sector, or private sector, whichever way you want to go with that. Sure. Let's see, perhaps we could walk down Bucky Fuller's creation story for a bit, which is more or less my own story too, with Bucky at birth and side talking, talking in endless strings of language that sounded rich and good but perhaps overly defined and deviantly speciated to achieve fuller diastatic enculturation outcomes. Imagine evolution invests positively in a cooperatively therapeutic journey. Somewhat restrained if you are polypathing yourself into an echoing silo, even if your own Ego emerges contentedly destined for a PolyCultural (0)Multisystemic DenseHealth Point, very much like a Janus bright enlightened ecoconsciousness revolutionary transmillennial tipping point face looking back in time to our dense TransParent Cosmological Black Hole. Ummm. Excuse me, Senator, maybe it would be better to veer away from cosmology or any paradigm that might speak of science or, much worse, math. I have ratings to consider. Well, evolution is not just about nature and science and the physical universe, or at least I think that's where I was heading, into Bucky's evolution of his Interior Space as Plan B-Atman, holonic of Plan A-TimePrime CoOperative BiLateral Diastatic Timeless Eco Relationship. If evolution is an investment in a cooperative journey toward a shared destiny of health and safety, then evolution is about cooperative (0)-centric interest transactional ecotherapeutic economics and politics of conscience, but also about who and what we eat and don't eat, who and what we love and who and what we are angry about and/or terrified of, instead of being accessibly CoPresent love becoming EarthShip TransParent CoPresent Time. Bucky's comprehensive consciousness speaks to synergetic purpose of integrative evolution, to relearn, as a global DNA-encultured species, evolving through positive deviant outlyer polypathic individuals, we already are the healthiest cooperative economy of co-gravitational synergetic positive relationships, permaculturally-potentiated as reiterative bicameral communication strings of perennial nature/nurture memory cycles, heading toward ever-more comprehensive predictive power to harvest positive-nutrient enculturing eco-consciousness within [concave (-,-) dipolar coarising function] as without [cogravitational thermodynamic balance of Earth's DNA/RNA dark/light down/up fractal syntax for cold/warm neural appositional codex, speaking the negative trends of angry past and future fear Becoming surrounding LovePeace Positive Present CoPresent Being. Oops, there we go again, just when I thought we were heading toward how to restructure our political economy to cooperate more nutritiously toward healthy diastasis and warm Beloved Communities of heaven on Earth, I start hearing about iconic frequencies of RNA and other regenerative issues and concerns not easily or lightly shared. Senator, it sounds like your own journey has been influenced by Taoism and you read Bucky through that way of comprehending Time's BiLateral Way. That's fair; I certainly do that, but doesn't everybody? Doesn't everyone do what, exactly, Senator? Doesn't everyone absorb positive nutrients to optimize the regenerative pulse of time incarnating within anthrocentric bicameral mindbodies, plotting and planning, designing and developing, economic and political optimization strategies, husbandry and parenting, agricultural scientific research, eco-parasitic DNA-syntaxed as individuated co-arising identity within Earth as Benign (0)-Centric Host of Heaven's Divine Bounty as informed Earth, as Elational Time, BiFolding Ballistic Past to Ecofold FutureBallast Prime Relationships of ReGenerative Health and Wealth? Honestly, Senator, at the moment I couldn't say whether anyone has ever done that, but apparently you have, and please know we are all Occupying EcoBodhisattva PolyCultural Warrior Space with you. Preciate, Sister Glory. Elate, Brother Fuller. .
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