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Breathing By Design
"...making this shift [from ego to Authentic ecoSelf] usually requires inspired [inductive Right to Left +health-reiterative messages] intention and consistent, diligent effort [and a supportive vocational and residential and eco-logically balanced environment.]" "And the way this is achieved is through using the greatest gift that evolution has given us: the power of [polyculturally healthy or monoculturally pathological] choice [for ourselves as for our potential future regenerators]." Andrew Cohen, "Evolutionary Enlightenment", 2011. PermaCultural HumanNaturalOnly Choice: ReGenerative Health/EcoTherapy for all or degeneration of Earth's bio- and eco-caregiving systems, including political and eco-not-so-normic deductive-competitive, bicamerally-unbalanced, enculturation system dominance. Free Choice to intend and will Exterior Landscape behavior confluent or dissonant with Interior Landscape metaphysical language enculturing ecosystemic iconically analogical information, exegetical rich-resonant normative strings of historic WinWin "Yes" polycultural choices of genetics, PositivePresent-OVER- DoubleNegative FoldFunction and FlowTrend memory, regenerative (RNA/DNA) iconic syntax, in either PresentAptic Polycultural tense and ionic-elational distension (concaving), or PastAnger SynAptic Predicates FutureFear avoidance, cognitive-affective personal and cultural dissonance. FutureFear Choice Corollary: Monocultural Lose-Lose decay and decompositional preparation for composting future natural health/ecotherapy co-arising regenerativity of time's incarnation into space; reverse-temporal-neural double-dimensioned (bilateral-linear) therapy WinWin clockwise self-perpetuating polynomial health-coarising rationality OVER egoLeftYin/ecoRightYin chronic cognitive-affective stress of trying to find regenerative health swimming through a sea of mediated and immediate dissonance-pathology hell through routine depressing disinvested boredom. Present CoPresence as DiPolar Bicameral Basic Attendance Corollary: Positive DiPolar Meets and Greets and WinWin intends Mutual-Positive-Namaste as AngerPast Teaches FutureFear how and why and when to co-arise (-,-) Double-Negative LoseLose equals Double-Positive PolyNomial-PolyReGeneration WinWin as YinYin Balancing DoubleNegative PositiveYang Politically EcoNormic.InFormating SelfOptimizing CoGravitational SpaceAsTime 4D Systems. The logical conclusion of overpopulating overly-competitive and aggressive human natural dominant trends, of suicide and other irrationalities and errors in self-enculturation through evolutionary cooperative multisensory sciences and arts and history and myth and logos-icons of symmetric rhythmic exegetical (0) ecobalance CoPresent Soul of ReGenerative Balanced CoGravitational Time, deciding to head toward hell of anger and fear anyway, not taking time to recall these are Angry Prophets of Past Sins, predicting lack of even hellfire's last flame of Fear's SelfHatred, awash in self-perpetuating not-not reiterations of disbicamerolling negentropic chaos. Then stop notice, you still empathically elate positive nutrients, all heading in a more cooperatively polycultural direction appositional nondual dipolar bilateral-linear reversed wu wei Tipping Point of an endosymbiotically positive-positive CoPresence ReVolutionary inhale with exhale economics. If you are still breathing you have already begun this practice of absorbing both positive nutrition and toxins, co-arising collateral negatives, fear and anger, teaching your oppositional anti-death MidWay WinWin, while those FearAnger Twins inevitably follow planned or unplanned eitherway increasing consistently aggressive Yang ballistic Way, toward Ego's ever-faster inevitable demise. Ego without EcoRight CoPresence always loses playing by Ego's own Win-Lose dominating expectations. Incarnations die to fuel further regeneratively healthy incarnations. This ecology of diastatically rational life predicts continuing BusinessAsUsual, breathing positive self-dominance while intentionally absorbing more anger-fear fighting nutrients than love-peace synchronously-flying empathic menu choices, and to thereby emerge ecopathologically even further anthro-centric, monoculturally fixated, hypnotized by our own fear of fear of ego's death, absorbing further toxins and collateral corporate insult, injury, self-abuse and other-neglect, violence and "what's the use?" cognitive-affective dissonance, addiction to possession and dispossession of ego's increasingly constipated anger-fear ruminations, with negatively unresolved, unacceptable Loser messages. WinWin cooperative co-regeneration optimization would be just the opposite of competitive monocultural supremacy, dissonant-trending ecosystemic political and economic private and familial BusinessAsUsual double-binding negativity. Our ecological and economic cooperative project of natural regenerativity as also spiritual ecoconsciousness basking in love of health and timeless co-relational security, empathically and deeply nondual attends, sitting within LoseLose competitive decomposition, as therapeutically necessary, embracing our shared BusinessAsUsual predative/co-messianic culture, dis-assembling each dominating seasonal stage of LeftEgo's struggle with RightEco's Present CoPresence Love of Harmonic TrustBalance, CoEmpathic Symmetry Septum DiPolar Yang/Yin Dynamics of Time as Nutritional Breath.
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