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Love's Waiting Fire
"The nature of the Authentic [Love] Self is always already spiritually [naturally] motivated, turned on, tuned in, ready to respond to the radical [co-arising] immediacy of now [as LovePresent]. It [love] experiences no fear, no doubt, no hesitation, no procrastination. Your Authentic [EcoLove] Self is always already [elational] inspired and [inductively] spiritually on [full-flow potential empowered integration--diastatic] fire. This is a new manifestation and expression of enlightened awareness." Andrew Cohen, "Evolutionary Enlightenment" (2011) Awareness of Internal Landscape as polypathic integrity, eternally regenerating flame of love as light, AND Awareness of External Landscape as polycultural PresentYang OVER CoPresence YinYin, Earth Goddess of Time as Tao--EcoSacredSelf born and yet-borne within BiLateral-CoGravitational-Other. When I cannot recognize kindness as love within nature, human or otherwise, then I cannot experience Love's ReGenerative Time for human and OtherWise nondually birthing Earth's CoPresent Time. I cannot recognize kindness in nature until I remember this generosity of Ego's incarnate birth, adventuring through this lifetime, learning love's flame from which I came and within which we each return to smolder diastatically atmospherically Earth-bound together, regenerative recycling ecosystemic process of light's fine-timed fire. Love squeezes through anger-cracks and fear-fissures, leaking kindness and generosity, gratitude for residency within this regenerative string of time from past timelessness and heading right back into that same positive elational eternity at threshold of incarnation's demise, to re-member our already Present-CoPresence of Love as ProGenitor Eros as regenetically temporal bilaterally diastatic Agape YangUniverse Positive ConVexForm-Event dipolar implied within YinIntegrative (-,-) ConCave CoGravitational Flow Function, counter-timeflow revolutionary power-potential decompositional polypathic integrity. All else is anger and fear, combined into Ego's Negative BiPolar Teachers, negative Yang guardians BusinessAsUsual dominating YinYin Cognitive-Affective-Temporal autistic dissonance between LeftDeductive External Landscape eco-normative information and RightInductive Internal Landscape ecological co-gravitational systemic function (-/-) double-binding reverse temporal-neural aptic/synaptic function and trend flow, so chronically precessive-- expanding toward future's monocultural overpopulation-- or recessive-- shrinking away from bilateral decay of (-) past anger and (-) future fear. We are each Kindness Outlyers and UnKind Predators, co-messiahs and EgoCentric Publicans, but it tremendously helps when our UnKind Predators are named and well-governed AngerPast twinning FutureFear, listening, rather than always ranting and dominating Present, noticing Love Present with PeaceCoPresence, both aptic and synaptic-elational neural, positive, rather than continuing to dominate our personal, internal, and political, external conversations and discernment, our dialectical logos lives of potentially integrative love; two bicameral voices of LovePeace reasons as positive seasons, those decomposing moments and events and mindfulness of listening/noticing and teaching/learning heads working bicamerally together. I am continuously reborn of Earth's atmospheric nutrients of time, perfectly formed to my mindbody, filling my nose and our noses and lungs while caressing our exposed skins and hair and feathers, and eyes and ears, our TransParent CoPresence, within as without, Yang and YinYin Universal atmospheric bicameral time, folding, refolding, unfolding, prefolding future regenerations of memory as EarthTime's CoPresent Loving Kindness. Earth's Hearts anticipate Left's deductive-reductive Diamonds, as ballistically violent Clubs precessively predict dipolar balance with fractal-ballasted Spades digging up ever more nondual co-arising fuel feeding Hearts with full-fired Diamonds.
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