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The 996th Poem
Fulfilled fantasies and legitimate realities…you do know how to please… Are you listening to my voice of longing and yearning? No, don’t backstab me with your broken promises…stop being a horrid tease… Do not worry, Lord, I am still constantly…learning… God is here… I’m scared, so unprepared… my flames are flared… I’m impaired by depression wars I have fought over the years Just a hair, faced this nightmare and no one cared Slayed by the mocking sanity of society…reduced me to tears… Healing is near… Exceedingly exasperated by your empty empathy Vacant stares flood the room in despair and envy I adore you, you’re my door of countless opportunities and yet, time flies Play me on the radio again and again and you’ll find where your heart lies Don’t worry, dear… Rising in the moment of remarkable letdowns I had a miscarriage of misery a long time ago You blew up my cellphone with texts, calls and happy frowns I can do this, I have done this before, I…know… Cower away from sheer fear that veers the head…don’t let it appear… Yank away from my dreams… Turn me on with your musical talents and interests alike Broken by the useless seams… Ride me like your favorite, childhood bike…I let go of the mic Therapeutic aftershocks draw near to me…honey, don’t shed a tear… Get off of my chest, heart attacks of our love from below above I’m chasing the water under the bridge over you, can’t you sea? No possibly…no possibility… Can’t you just leave me be? I swear without cussing, I was being sincere with my speech you knew not of My flow is far from yours, so don’t intertwine with my flow of ecstatic me, in need of being free Can’t you leave my side for now? Just leave my presence somehow… Jealousy is key to the gates of selfish ambition, so don’t have the spirit of jeer You served as a distraction more or less Sorry I got you in this hell-heaven of a mess Everything can last a while, but not forever It is impossible to say what is on my mind whatsoever I’m a Positive Poe and a Silly Seuss all over again…so, cheers! Raise up your wine cups and bubblin’ beers… My request is to kiss your lips, so warm and lovely In my tamest dreams, I’ve looked all over for you…you were lying on stones and stix I am raptured in this love affair; barely breathing, baby... Do it again…do it again – the verbal abuse is a bruise I fix…you are as hard as billion brix Going Justin Beiber on you...disappointed, you scoot away from me…drove me to laughter tears… Plastic reality can’t undo what has happened to me in the past…I’m the mast in Antarctica, left behind at last It is the captive soul that needs some healing…I seek something more than what meets the eyes You are Australia and I am America…opposite directions…we drifted our separate ways oh so vast and fast Cast away this sorrow from my sullen cheeks and these eyes that are like mood rings daily…it’s best if you don’t ask your what’s and why’s Instead, you go Lady Gaga on me – good one! At least I’m not going Demi Lovato on you, my wandering deer Wipe away these lament drops from my cloudy eyes Because they won’t even consider my cry for help, but hopeless like withered kelp Ripen me with radiance and reveal to me no sly lies No vulgar talk please…he speaks genuine words and hear my helpless, muffled yelp If I was your man, I’d be the happiest man alive…like Rihanna that arrives in Los Angeles for the first time…I’m getting it on poetically and popically up in here I got you in chains in my heart…you feeling it? Are you ready? Do I need to feed you regretti? You ain’t coming out of my ribcage Try to plan an escape route…just try and give up already…here’s a celebrated fail with confetti You make me feel this painless rage I bit my Cyrus Tongue…hold your tongue before the fire consumes all…or if you whisper it in my ears, you’ll reduce me to ashes...nowhere to roam it appears… You shelter me with laughter and peace disaster I don’t understand the words you utter, but I know it screams out those hear-me-out’s I can’t make out how we made it through this hardship that has torn us asunder My ears will listen to you acutely, so I’ll be your butter on warm toast when you let out your desire shouts Killing me alive by your sensual and passionate nature that give me dream infatuationmares…my obsession towards you is dastardly, disturbingly serpentine to my evanescent heart of stone in a sight’s gleam I need saving, for I am caving…fell victim to lustful, ugly craving It takes me to levels of languishing hopes I know I was unfaithful and misbehaving…force-fed your raving My voice of angst anguish…it still mopes I know my rights and wrongs… Catastrophe connection lost its link and my positivity peace is in the brink of spring – so, in winter, I sing these sad, sad songs I was the class clown…in pointless, humor town Now, I’m the loner in class Let’s not categorize others and put everyone down I am lost in a multitude alas Inside and out, I have the hearts for you… and you had no clue Through silence and shouts, I’m blue without you… so true… I freaked out suddenly… It puzzled me and bewildered you too…I’m sorry for my cyber-outburst Dating goes bad madly… Needed you really badly, but you were…oblivious of it, it seemed at first Whistling to myself in a blissful moment of musical, magical muse… I speak mindlessly with my imaginary friends and it’s amusing because I have some good and bad news… My Silly Seuss released from my writing of childish conniving Emerge from the volcanic vanity, scorching…warped-up writhing… After being verse-tracked, I have some good and bad news: I passed for being the biggest loser on Earth I failed on being a good leader… Mirth gives birth to a rebirth of faith hearth Okay, fine…I’ll be a follower… Remember, I am titaniumb and I am Rated R for Recovery December, the month in embers…January is a new discovery Hang on the ceiling, chandelier fear The spotlight is on me…once and for all… After all I’ve said and done, I’m of cheer Because I fear no more…996th poem, y’all…
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