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Adventing New ReSolutions
"The Path of Evolutionary Enlightenment, like all enlightenment teachings, is a path of ego [Past/Future Tense]-transcendence. In Evolutionary Enlightenment, however, transcending ego [investment in anything other than the Present] is not an end in itself-- it's a means to a higher [Presence Present] end. The reason that we want to have the liberating experience of transcending our personal [anthro] fears and desires and our culturally conditioned [nature-health] values is first and foremost to open up some [more Right-mindbody] space with the [Left-ego]self-- space for evolution to occur." [in this timelessly eternal present RightPresent--Left/Past-Future dialectic dipolar moment.] Andrew Cohen, "Evolutionary Enlightenment" excellent Advent and YearEnd ReSolution reading As we conclude each day and year and life, conclude that life with death refers only to Left-brain ego's Past toward Future ionic-ironic language, too often angry about life and therefore fear-filled about an untimely and clearly inappropriate not to mention unfair, death. Earth's Time memory is stored in natural-systemic DNA/RNA regenerative folding and unfolding egoclocks, sequence, rhythmic function, a recycling journey of time traveling identities, memory strings transcending generations by transposing across the eisegetical language of any one ego-identified entity, learning to harmonize in on with within a too strident humanizing nature, trying to bring humane kindness and justice, to gift nature with humane nature as a blessing for Earth, from Earth, with Earth, for Earth's Advent, inclusive of all species and all natural economies, and all RNA cellular cultures of universal co-arising intelligence. When love and kindness say "I have time for you" fear and anger are also saying "I regret not having enough time for my own anthrocentric agenda right now, between past's anger and future-fear depression repression of this present moment." EcoLove and Ego's Kindness only speak with present-tense consciousness, which is all remaining functional information when neither future nor past tensions are dominant, the tension and intension of ego's fear and anger, anger about past leads fear about repeating ego's pathological abuse and neglect in the future. To dissipate fear, we evolve Adventure to embrace Anger's information about not repeating a negative, too Left-brain dominant toxic past enculturation with a personal gestalt playing a Win-Lose political game toward anthro-centric economic dis-Right-brain eco-pathological pilgrimage to AdventTransition Away Lose-Lose cosmological evolutionary conclusions.
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