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Two Wrongs Worth a Right
Today, our first “All About Me” History class begins when we comprehend every day and night co-arises with “All About We” full-octave Zero-centric bicamerally encultured and regenetically reiterated in and through, by and for, before and after, each moment of Earth Tribe’s timeless surfing times. If your story and history or herstory, is wrong, If wrong is negative, If right is positive, When do two historic two cultural two personal two political two familial two subspecies' wrongs make it right, just as a double negative polynomial equals a polynomial positive? Perhaps when this double-negative shy yinyin, playing the role of wu wei, issue develops linear appositional polarity comprehended as negative correlational and co-arising Tipping Point of co-gravitationally balancing outcome indicators of optimizing Continuous Quality Improvement embracing permacultural health and defensive eco/egojustice with contenting peace and positive economic and environmental outcome indicators. Sexism breeds reverse sexism as racism breeds reverse racism, two appositional wrongs, looking for a median flow creolizing right, an ego/eco-centering polypathic consciousness. When the Industrial Age WRONG trend toward oppressing yin feminist intuitive, cooperative empathic inductive information processing and Wisdom Languaged systems PLUS the coincidentally nondual co-arising Information Systemic TransMillennial Stage of Left-brain dominant language competitionOVERcooperation reverse-equity WRONG (about value-neutral capitalism's antidemocratic evolution, anyway) deductive-reductive STEM monocultural norms for rational information v. analogical/ecological-temporal-spaciated-sequential-revolving-seasonal-reasonal-health-wealth creolizing wealth, ecological enculturation, digital-quantified, commodified, domesticated, wrongly over-weighted as of more evolutionary scientific nutritional value than analogical/ecosystemic lexical dialectic, racial-cultural dialectal diversity, gender balance in political and economic diastatic systems as Yang/Yin bicameral Left/Right balance comprehended hypostatic ego/eco-consciousness bilaterally RIGHT When hubris WRONG of overly competitive commodified domesticated information enculturation evaluation political wealth co-arises WRONG undervalue for cooperative gift-it-forward Zero-EgoBalanced Interest EcoNormics Organic EcoSystem Interior and Exterior Consciousness Landscapes, deep nurturing ecology of health optimization for all binomially normative Earthcentric biosystems, all co-arising with co-falling consumer-producer political economies all infolding with outfolding fractal-holonic dialectal dipolars, all inhaling with exhaling RIGHT Earth Tribes. When the WRONG most over-heated, wilting, unraveling, political-economic competitive Win-Lose Game early health and wealth marginalized losers begin to notice, then listen, to comprehend ecoconsciousness, why life’s, nature’s, Earth’s reweaving cooperatively co-gravitational and thermodynamically permaculturally balanced health as wealth standard ecocultures, ecologicians ecotherapists eco-normists for political/financial ego-cooperative AND ecosymbiotic struggling-with (not struggling-against) ecobalance, wu wei tipping points shyly lurking in mythos engaging logos, Wisdom Language, syntax dialectics nondual co-arising ReGenesis of full-life equals diastatic synergetic polyculturally climaxing Love-Beloved EcoPolitical Community. Let our polycultural cooperative emergent composting party begin. Our egg is fertile, our Time is PostMillennially culturally ripe with bicameral dipolar decomposers, analyzers, programmers, policy discernment facilitators, of political and familial and personal ecosystemic rights of freedom toward balanced ecological healthy wealth, with mutually subsidiary double-binding boundaries excluding ego/eco imbalanced relationships and transactions. Positive Polynomial Zero is informationally equivalent to double-negative Polynomial Zero. “Yin” is Lao-tse’s “non-being” as metaphysical as not-now Special Case except for NOW as organically-systemically articulating with full or near-full trending Yang/Yin co-arising dialectical diastatic ecobalance in Special Case physical-natural Universe, surfing timelessly through Time’s 3-dimensional spaciating co-gravitational linear-implicate TransParently balanced progenitive relationship with space. Primal issues wear two faces: Yang asks, How do we cooperatively intend and practice optimizing our cultural environment to facilitate-evolve healthy individuals, including ourselves, with co-resonant respect for our most diastatically inclusively imaginable voices, minds, consciousness? While Yin asks, How do we/I not lose sight of, how do I/we defend, my/our ego-self’s healthy esteem by optimizing my/our individual/communal freedom to fully articulate our most deeply held sense of “ego/Yang” = “eco/yinyou(+/-)yinother” bicameral balancing identity? How do we hang onto our most polyculturally, yet intimately, held Positive-Esteem Cooperative Psychology, as individuals (Interior Landscape of ego-boundary identity) and as a species (Exterior Landscape of eco-freedom boundary identity)? These two Landscapes bicamerally reside within each human mindbody of co-arising evolutionary RNA/DNA-syntaxed balance, DNA dialectal for thermodynamic balance, fractal-temporal-neural syntax normed at (0)-soul point of political and economic equi-optimizing interest intent toward PolyCultural EcoConscienceness. All About Me days self-perpetuate All About We life, relational/transactional integrative integrity of love. Positive Life is only the cooperative integrity of each bicameral moment’s potential for co-arising revolutions of love, baby, Beloved Community is our polycultural love revolution. Spread nutrients around, we’re catching on when we organically pitch positive compost. Please send in your questions. Class dispersed for our further evolution.
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