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Gaia and Fr Time: True InFormating Scandal
Gaia’s love first embraces Earth’s tribes who then embrace Her back through Gaia’s co-redeemer enculturation gift, pay-it-forward grace of permacultured history, karma of EarthTribe’s economy, mutually-parasitic subsidiarity embracing universally regenerate Host in political-through-personal empowering solidarity of EarthTribe's Eco-Passionate Universal Rights. She paid the health assurance rent we’ve been redeeming ever since. And so it is that Ego’s love invites EcoEarth’s co-passion, mutually held holy compassion, synergy of with for Earth’s co-redemptive Rights embracing Gaia’s Universal Nest. Not sure where this climatic and over-heated story of bicamerally diastatic love as balance harmonic octaves starts, because love is timeless in this sense that it can go forward only as it has emerged from past except in bicameral systems, where love, as synergetically dynamic time of presence is perceived and comprehended as bilaterally unfolding. For example, bicameral lungs autonomically know the difference and sameness of Yang inhalation formation and Yin exhalation flowing out frequencies. As bicameral hearts autonomically feel the difference and dipolar symmetry of inflation toward diastatic Yang power and recession away deep flat-line trending toward static Yin-aptic Basic Attendance. Bicameral mind-bodies profoundly comprehend this balancing and permaculturing love story of Universal Earth as bilateral Fr. Time's 0’Mega Science Revolution. Once upon bilateral time, Earth Day dawned her Birth of Passion Story, co-passion story, passion story, reading with passive purgative passion Her co-redemptive narrative of cooperative mutual subsidiarity co-arising messianism. Asked Earth of her ScienceSun, “Can you truly love a rock, or any of those static, sometimes dissonant, objects, like egocentrism anthro-centrism or a steel-grey slate wall?” No, love is co-relational, different than unilateral basic appreciation, Basic Attendance emerges love as positive enthymeme. “How can we attend to love’s co-passion in absence of its expressed return? I fear I fade my climate wilts for lack of co-redemptive love within my rightful seasons of cooperative power and ecological flow.” “Your neutral economic science investments display our true ecological incubator, and not, laboratory vestments.” Universe’s comprehensive co-gravitating love emerges now enthymematic photosynthetic evolutionary compassion, co-arising co-passion, eco-consciousness of Ego’s quintessentially ubiquitous bicamerally balancing RNA-syntaxed sensory timelessness within metaphysicality. “My children co-redeem. PassionYang, child for deductively reducing suffering, PeaceYinYin, instinctive child of kindness, content kinship content-full mindful, together, twins of bipolar contention, dipolar contentment.” Redeemers, unlike those returning wealth for health value, receive a healthy/therapeutic advance for services to be rendered later, like paying one’s rent on the first of each day, and month, then redeeming that gifting-it-forward investment. Redemption, unlike a coincidental exchange, co-arises a return for a WinWin pay-it-forward investment. Yang brings forth political power for Yin’s ecological economic optimization flow, as Yin brings forth full EarthRights logical double-binding co-redemptive flow, for Yang’s more inclusive political form of wealth: eco-therapeutic health. Co-passionate peace dipolar bicamerally harmonizing with Earth’s full octave fractal form and function, eternally regenerates Fr. Time’s spatially econtented informational telus-dance teleodance of co-intelligence gazing through 4 equidimensional eco-consciousness seasons. Gaia and Fr. Time’s permacultural affair looms their co-redemptive weave throughout TransMillennial PolyPath Power.
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