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In My BiCameral Home
In my universal-Left and unitarian-Right bicameral home "crazy" has two functions, ballistic weapon Left aimed Right at Other, ballast Right anchoring EgoSelf within EcoOther. "Crazy" when that begins with "you are" marginalizes dispossesses nutritional powers of functionality with dire political and economic consequences of appropriate fear and anger, even hatred for this Word itself. "Crazy" ballast begins with "I am" and "we all are, or could be, or have been;" a synonym for "Wild." "Wildness" hunts a dipolar antonym for "domesticated" like difference and sameness of wild yeast with domestic yeast. "Domesticated" a Left-dominant economist's overly reductive deductive and enthusiastic synonym for "commodified," even "exegeticalized" or "orthodoxed" as true, and good and rational, and just, found to function with quantifiable domesticated values for efficiency and effectiveness, utility, useful, especially for continuing our Win-Lose Left-brain dominating cultural game. But, dear co-economists, co-domestic politicians, eco-logists, one and all inclusive discerning languaged tribe of "crazy", what has become domesticated remains primally as wild as RNA's encryption, syntax exegetically balancing regenerative harmonics Nature's ecosystemic-logic will only permaculturally allow, and polyculturally love, synergize, analyze, decompose from past and for future Wild's balancing regenerational outcomes; you know, healthy kids, children, offspring, new regenerating eggs from old degenerating domestic nests. Earth's Tribes are wild crazy universal, despite DNA's uniting co-gravitating empathy and regeneratively cooperative economic understory of perma-enculturing phylogenic intent, iconic whole-development language, deductive(Left)/inductive(Right) orthopraxis, Left-Right co-arising hemispheric ego/ecotherapy, balancing Wild-Rational-integrative eco-full biconceptual dipolar [reverse co-relational] consciousness. If Wild is not Universalist then our political economics could not evolve Domestic Unitarian. Earth Rights include rights to evolve dipolar balancing Wild-consciousness, bilateral images, polypathic imagination, biconceptual form with function, incarnating co-operating ministrations, co-redemptive information, appositionally balancing intelligence, DNA/RNA-fractal, Zero-Soul timelessly TransParenting reflective/reflexive Tree of Life Greets Death Co-Messianic Exegenetically Bodhisattva Rooted, +/(-,-) [plus OVER bi-laterally negative self-bound logic as positive-inductive co-operating form/function/flow/frequency] tri-temporal yangspace/not-not linear binomial yintime. YesYes! +Yang,+Yang Win-Win's YinYin NotNot (-,- binary balance) Thermodynamic Prime-Binary Gaming EcoBioSystemic Concentric BiNomial Equivalence. In My home "crazy" evolves three functions: One, to see who is winning (and when and where and hopefully why), Two, to hear who is losing (when and where and hopefully why), Three, to decompose this losing wildness into its imaged dipolar opposite, to co-mentor eco-wins thru EgoDeath's Plan B with A WinWin. You heard it here but I heard it first way back in UU history. Bilateral Zeroism as prime function goes back at least to Bucky Fuller, and One could be no more Plan B Universalist than he; and he would be offended if his UU cooperative co-creators could not hear his "synergy" as Unitarian-istic "love" And self/other wildly self-optimizing regenerative design and permaculturally economic Tao-cooperative Co-arising Left-Right healthy ecopolitical coop-partnership Win-Win regenerative development.
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