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The Blue Hellion
I do not fear you, Blue hellion of Satan! From deep within the reaches of his evil den, your master has sent your frozen azure waves crawling to my stronghold. Inch by inch, your glacial fingers froth as a scalding blue lava sea, seeking only to destroy me. Closer they creep beneath my castle keep. Slowly they rise up my cliff wall threatening my death. If you think your evil strategy threatens me, do not be as vain as he, to think that you have me cornered. I scorn you for making such a common mistake made by many fools who have no honor. What does he know of honor? Dismal and dark, is your master, the epitome of all demons who follow him. You've cast your lot with Satan, and for now he's audacious enough to believe I will renounce my faith and give in to his temptations. Not for all the gold or lands he could offer me will I kneel before him. He's been defeated and banned by my Protector once before. Rage on in battle against me if you must. You approach from below, spewing forth from his volcanic mountains. I fear not your threat of cerulean blood, hotter than the red flows of earth. Deep cobalt is the color, grown hot from the hate he holds for mankind. Pissarro banished your color from his palette, and too bold was it to grace any canvas of Renoir. Satan sent his minions to the dark clouds that churn and convulse above me. They will never seep into my castle walls. I hear their thundering threats echoing through my great halls, but they will never penetrate its thick armor of protection. Bolts of lightning hurl their strikes in vain. No fires sent from Hell will ever burn me down. Through sapphire sparks he leers down from blackened eyes. I do not fear the Blue hellion, for my faith is my shield. You've joined forces to defeat me with your tyranny, but you will never taste victory. A power far greater than that of your master is biding His time before He says, "ENOUGH!" Look! Do you see the brilliant sector of bright light shining upon my cliff wall? That is the light that comes forth from His hand, by day and by night. Though my castle appears black as pitch from the outside, it is only to deceive you into believing that this war you wage is near its end, and foolish demon, that is the truth, but the victor will not be you. Though blackness seems to cover my walls, the light of His love shines within. So get behind me Satan! Your time on earth is near its end. God and His army of angels surrounds my castle. They protect me under their wings from you and all your evil things. You will be hurled into the abyss, and your wicked schemes and lies will be buried with you. *_________________________________________________________* January 23rd, 2016 N/A's Contest Sponsor: Edward Ebbs Each day we are faced with trials, hardships, pain, and temptations. This epic was written to show my spiritual strength in combatting the evil forces that try in vain to stumble me.
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