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Professor Glory's Active Hope
The title of this talk today, "Win-Win Politics of New Feminist Economics" suggests questions, more than emasculating definitively deductive reductive answers. Would you imagine a minority-identified Buddhist, more likely as a feminist or culturally comfortable with political and economic Left-brain domination, monopolistic competing toward total self-consuming reiteratively ritualistic functions? How would you compare broad cultural trends between East and Western language on a feminist v. Left-brain monopolistic dominant spectrum? Which might be more ego-centric, and which would you expect to be more eco-centric? Where would you expect to find more competitive v. cooperative economic support structures? Which would you expect to be more family-tribal-clan oriented and which more individualistically ego-oriented? Which more anthropocentric and which more nurturing of all life-centric? Who is more likely to be a feminist-cooperative economist, a Permaculture Designer or a Trumpican Party Platform Developer? Why do you imagine our world, our nation, in this appositionally correlated way? As a cooperatively intended illustration of discovering political relativity within an economic bicameral lens, let's compare our sacred colleague Charles Eisenstein's description of "The Growth Imperative" with a bracketed revision which might be entitled "A Regenerative Imperative." This, not to suggest disagreement, but to suggest dipolar co-arising confluence through using both Left and Right lenses of consciousness: "Abetted by technology, the commodification of formerly non-monetary goods and services has accelerated over the last few centuries, to the point today where very little is left outside the money realm." [Abetted by double-binary balancing technology, the decommodification of newly-commodified goods and services is accelerating over these last few decades, to the point today where surprisingly little is left monopolistically inside the overly competitive quantification of value realm.] "The vast commons, whether of land or of culture, has been cordoned off and sold--all to keep pace with the exponential growth of money." [Our Commons of land and culture and genetic-holonic individuation continues ego- and anthro-centrically self-strangling through dispossession of cooperative ownership-- all to keep pace with the exponential monopoly of quantifying reductive values, distorting nurturing health as not quite core-wealth.] "This is the deep reason why we convert forests to timber, songs to intellectual property, and so on." [This is the deep ecology of why we permaculturally harvest forests for timber, culturally nurture songs toward cooperative intellectual property, and so on, yin toward yang and back again balancing evolution.] "It is why two-thirds of all American meals are now prepared outside the home." [It is why two-thirds of all American meals are now less nutritionally prepared outside our under-valued health-producing organic homes and lives.] "It is why herbal folk remedies have given way to pharmaceutical medicines, why child care has become a paid service, why drinking water has been the number-one growth category in beverage sales." [We, together, are why herbal folk remedies could further enrich pharmaceutical medicines, from which they originally derived, why child care has become a paid yet under-valued service, why bottled and labeled drink of nature's primally flowing health has become the number-one competitive growth category in what used to be the Commons egalitarian river-flow of life.] While we each have internalized theories about what positive and negative correlations we evolve between Left-deductive dominant v. feminist-egalitarian values and disvalues, co-relations only recently occurred to me as what co-operative political assumption feminist-ecologist-economist culture may share as ubiquitously as individuated DNA co-gravitates toward universal RNA syntax. Buddhist, and Taoist, philosophy calls dipolar correlations "dependent co-arising" while scientists may share this same principle of thermodynamic, electromagnetic, and gravitational co-elliptical curve-linear temporal balance "endo/ecto-symbiotic evolution." As inclusive theoretical physicists and mathematicians and statisticians we might re-member political mutuality of species evolution as co-relation, co-operation, coincidental trend emergence between two or more interdependent dipolar-articulating variables. Buckminster Fuller labeled his entire geometric metaphysics of consciousness and ecological development after this primal principle of interdependent co-arising "synergetics," steering and re-ligioning and re-cognizing synergy is to physics as love is to metaphysics, and perhaps economics and eco-logic, health and well-being, co-operative Positive Psychology, design and development ethics and organic health/wealth outcomes, which begins to feel like ethical policy development, useful for a healthier political and conversational and familial and ego/ecosystemic balancing process. Where I did not anticipate discovering mutually-dependent co-arising cooperation was in the Prime-Origin field of Cosmology, although a cursory glance at mythology, shamanic teaching, taoist co-existential paradox of evolving Yang/Yin principles within nature inclusive of human nature, predicating male/female functional co-arising and natural balance; these were all, in hindsight, significant clues saying "please don't be surprised when you get to universally unitarian cosmology as double-transparent co-gravitation of our Commons". Dual transparency of Time as Zero-dimensional negentropicentric space bicamerally suggests co-operative gravitational power politics and economics lie at the (0)-Soul Core Prime Relationship of our global Origination Story. Interdependent co-arising revolutions continue unfolding into our political lap during this endangered Cooperative Transitional Generation.
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