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High Beams
Love matures, optimally co-arises, to fill a vacuum left by former fears about shortage of time, sub-optimal outcomes. High pitch synergy swells toward Beloved Climax Community as fears and anger about Here and Now EarthDay's lack of fullness... subside. As we cooperatively embrace our shortness of time, our ego's self-ionizing mortality, our lack of sufficiency, our most intimate insufficiency, our DNA human nature's elitist immunity from RNA Earth's nature and each Other's veneer of skin and hair as race, our super-eco identity replaces this void with loving integrity, trans-active integral potential full-bright beaming. Where we have seen and known confusion and discontent, collective autism as affective hypothermia, cognitive and ineffective dissonance, about our lack of love's belonging, co-creating Here as Now, we absorb ourselves as EarthTribe's Bodhisattva ReGenerators, Co-Redeemers, co-arising production with co-retracting consumption, wisely truly economically ecologically HereNow all-ready, each high-beam consciousness moment within fullness of Time's repurposing potential. Love resolves compassionate mindfulness as high-heartedness, evolves and revolves coincident ego-id-entity, resonates authentic intelligible feeling, informs co-intelligence of id and supereco's DNA temporal revolving syntactical understory, as self-identity within SuperEco solidarity, co-arising coherently refracting humane mortality becoming holy eternal Being here and now. CoRedeemer Ego mentors eco-centric comprehension of affect effect intent orthopraxis, exquisite bright harmony of this place and this time, transcending content-rich through dissonant pitch polarities, cultural competitive mania with autistic co-depressive repression, reveling our Janus Jaynesian faces to ourselves, each Other, internal Right landscape mirroring and absorbing external Left landscape. Love is as much co-operating beauty as active wisdom, being as becoming, belonging as longing, and no more or less, balancing bicameral harmonics. Co-gravitating time, co-arising space and place and bodies, spacetime's SuperEco balancing Eastern karma with Western grace, past incarnate information with future reincarnate function, meaning engaging teleology's wealthiest healthiest purpose, history emerging herstoric permaculturation, polycultural successes surviving decomposed exformative failures teaching regenerative design as holistic ecotherapeutic development. Love co-arises with beloved co-below root systems; the only ecologically sustainable coincidence: internal place high-beam hunting external time, internal time refolding externally encrypted space this place of pregnant love's co-identity.
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