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Halloween's Evil Visage Cometh
Halloween’s Evil Visage Cometh Halloween’s Evil Visage Cometh now alive in this famous predestined time Where dubious shadow shades run a riot as the ghastly ghosts of darkness, Begin calling to all goblins, ghosts, ghouls, and witches in the graveyards; To come alive—as black cats call out their signals to all lost souls seeking, Powerful black magic spells to aid the spirits of ancient alchemists as they Brew their potions to dull the senses and conjure all the evil spirits on Earth. A falling silver-layer mist appears as these uncanny evil spirits invade our Mortal plane and lost ghosts appear as hungry human skeletons looking for Sustenance and seem to be horrified at the stillness broken by a death-cold. They scream as bloodless fingers touch cold shivers without a warm heart; And who knows for sure the sad and mournful song from an ancient grave, As “The Undead” conjure ravenous demons seeking warm blood to feast on. Blended into the dust are the crows whose shadows as a “Dark Phantom,” Begin to form and take his shape—yet fear not the potent occult light as That special Halloween Eve super moon beams brilliant and bright making Its presence known as your destiny and destination are already decided as The Ancient Alchemist beckons all of us to drink widely from his mystical Chalice of Darkness as all malice is reconciled—the birds and beasts speak. Life as we know it is offered upon the Demonic Alter as the Dark Phantom Initiates all human sacrifices as a drool-dripping envy of all existence drops; And the lustful and vengeance-seeking Vampires scrape along the walls as Sharp poisonous thorns begin tearing behind their secret inner-vision as the Deep-dark and dismally-damp curtains open and eclipse the radiant dawn as An unpleasant and horrible pain visits and our heartbeats grow faint and stop. An unending agony screams sonorously as a deafening silence falls over us. In this “Land of the Dead,” they make their own laws overwriting all limits, As a vile, creeping, malevolent mist crawls down into the valley deep below; The Devil's Advocate slithers on in a nasty, vicious way under your own skin, As shivering timbers of truth of a living being watches outside our bodies on This Halloween Eve as our individual dreams enter the Twilight Zone forever! The Devil’s clever wizards and witches concoct an ancient poisonous mixture, As the boiling cauldron of demonically-enhanced soup is stewed with care and Fresh toads, spiders, worms, beetles, ticks, and tiny black snakes are added in. This unholy and potent poisoned soup from centuries past is now blessed by The Dark One—to take life from the living and give nourishment to the dead, As the veil between The Living and The Dead disappears on Halloween Eve! Gary Bateman, Anne-Lise Andresen, and Liam McDaid A Collaborated Poem, Copyright © All Rights Reserved (October 1, 2015) (Free Verse)
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