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Bucky's Wealth of Information
Universal information, form emerging from multisystemic diastasis, is composed of fractal syntax, primally illustrated by looking at RNA, then DNA, binomially re-cognizing bilateral temporal memory as formative id-entity. Polynomials are to in-form-ionization as polycultural outcomes are to universal organic-unitarian-integral-cooperative life-systemic syntax. Not-Not Polynomial unitarianism, double-bound nondual integrity, is both entropic and fractal bilateral Time frequency. Not-Polynomial is neutronic-entropic. While Double-Negative-Binding Polynomial ex-form-bionization re-connects double-transparently gravitational ergodic with ionic/bionic balancing primal syntropic relationship. Neutronic dipolar information exerts, exforms, exhumes, exhales a bicameral negative-correlational balancing influence within our neural systems, seeking Left-Right dual-transparent-equivalent confluence, deductive with inductive, known without as felt within, both positively and negatively, and ecologically midway double-binding temporal-neural RNA/DNA co-arising nondual = dipolar bicameral temporal poli-eco-normativity SuperEgo function. In absence of this abundant neutral Win-Win neural system normativity, Ego-Left deductive remains in diverse stages of critical-event cognitive/affective/uneffective dissonance, which can lead to autistic chronic dissonant patterns of disharmonic chaos between Left's deductive sensory receptors and Right's inductive Elder-RNA Zero-Commons Centric fractal syntaxed memory storage and eco-identity patterns, seasonal as reasonal rhythms of permacultural optimization regenesis and co-operative exegetical development of Whole Earth P2P organics. Why do we fear, self-immunizing subsistence, mutual resistance? Why do we love eco-centric co-arising surrender, mending, tending spacetime's brilliantly fractal-syntactic synaptic burning bushes of divine humane genius, natural-spiritual pilot lights, unveiling polypathic intuition of abundant consciousness? This HereNow Transmillennial ReGeneration BeLonging CoRedeemers Global Commune, with economic Zero-Sum Commons values, engage positive Zero-Centric ecopsychological practice, humor's common sense of permacultural self-perpetuating redesign of double-knotting naughty negatives to produce reproductive positives, reconnecting what could not not become, both more and less than already is co-relationally unbalanced. Co-Revolutionary Bodhisattva Mentors: breathe in with out our polynomially double-binding universal fractals of EcoLogic, tri-metric seasonal spacetimes of logically compassionate redevelopment unfolding outstretched universally emergent uniting breath of time with eco-depth, re-creation through double-negation of Winter's bilateral-temporal discontenting decomposition, reverse facing regenerative eco-open analogical systems. What did we think could not be co-incidental co-arising/co-gravitating about rhythms of dissonance and epicentering patterns of ecology's Zero-Balancing as P=NNP as Yang=YinYin, Win-Win co-operative economics? Nondual co-arising revolution, building ecological and economic cooperative networks for positive ecopsychological polycultural peer2peer investment, to cool our post-climatic brow trending toward flat-line deadly endo/ectosymbiotic trends of devolving decomposing competition between AllEarth's Health and HumaneNatured Wealth.
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