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Down deep beneath fathoms icy keep, where deadmen’s Scream in utter silences aquatic hell, amongst the devils Graveyard of wreckage's carnage, there exists a ghostly harbor Of phantom ships! Anchored are the souls of the undead, and vessels craft for which These commended rode upon, tethered by chains forged in the Fires of the demonic, each linkage a sin committed by greed’s Deceit or murderous deeds done in life! Many ominous flags wave within the shifting under currents, Thus rippling in tides of infamies eternal, but none compare To those eternally feared, as the pirates of the bloody Skull and cross-bones! By the pegged legged dead man’s rotting corpus, or the One eyed zombie sailor, there is no name more feared in the Whole seven seas as that of the pirate known as Black Beard! Just the sheer mention of this cryptic Captain of larceny, Sending a shivering’s chill through the briny depth, into even Davey Jones skeletal remains, buried within his timbered lined, Entombment’s burial locker! It lies completely frozen in a block of glacier ice, perfectly preserved In death’s never yielding grasp, the Queen Anna Revenge, all hands Of the unrested crew awaiting for their Captain’s supernatural orders! This hell cat of the seven seas, still railing against the devil’s final decree Of death, Black Beard stands at his captain’s wheel, screaming in defiance’s Rage, cursing in balsams tongue of vengeance! Demons child spawned from mortal flesh, died in the smoking guns aftermath Of battle, but the grim Reaper held his spirit in bondages bloody contract, Signed in the x mark of youthful innocence, the captain of darkness, Gave him the dirty deed of the final inquests executioner! At the calling of his dark master of purest evil, the Queen Anna Revenge, Is released from her frozen ice prison, slowly drawn upwards to Emerge from the depths of the deepest abyss, of the Barring Straights! This dead man’s ethereal craft, bursts unto the surf of the living, Ice cycles of monstrous size hang from the sails and mast! An icy covered death vessel, with one mission to undertake, And to collect the souls of the dammed or forsaken, By the hated and dread pirate, Captain Black Beard, Scourge of the Seven Seas! The living cling to life, in shadows fear cast by the Queen Anna Revenges shadow of death, as her heckling jackal Captain Black Beard, steers at terrors spinning wheel, “By hook or Crook, Nay none shall escape my vengeances wrath, “Says this notorious Doom master of utter evil! As his shark infested disciples arrive, for their bucket of bloods Chummy festival of human flesh, and bone banquet, Black Beard Summons the life essence by naming’s hailing aboard, laughing At these poor mariners pain and agony, until the last Screaming’s echoing ends beneath the briny deep! In the chilling breeze, phantom souls hang downwards from Crow’s-nest above, while others are forced to walk ethereal plank As one last torment, just to please this black captain of death! Then the Queen Anna Revenge, returns beneath the cold waves Until she is called upon again to fulfill her never ending quest, For Black Beards thirst for ultimate revenge is quenched, With the souls of one thousand dead men! BY: CHERYL ANNA DUNN Dedicated to Linda the Poet Destroyer
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