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Great Ironic Co-Arising
Positive nutritionists co-arise! Now, while toxins mutually self-immunize, then co-subside, then decompose, to implicate potential revolutions. Health, cooperating abundance of Self with as by of Other! Now, while decay slinks into silos of "That Life's Not My Matter", no dual-dark reductive paternalism for me, not enough positive energy, so co-subside into odious cacophony. Co-Arise cooperative health to co-subside monopolistically competitive wealth. It's a better system plus more wisdom to turn our trees of hierarchy right side left upside down to grow this networked co-bifeminist mat-patriarchy, Win-Win swimming circles diving among and parching revolutions of Lose-Lose marching in co-subsiding wilting squares of post-gaming era loss. Co-arise this permaculturing revolution, warriors with tools regenerating evolution, nondual pairs of opposition to suppositions within co-arising proposition, subjects of by with of for healthy holy wealthy objectives, monocultures co-subsiding into slow-emergent polycultures, multisyntaxed paradigms co-arising polypaths, multisystemic consciousness permaculturing, regenerating healthy function with formal beauty, fractal-crystal frames with faceted octave-holonic mirror neutrons, unfolding four dimensional temporal strings of electrons, root squaring RNA's Bicamerally Dynamic EndoCreational Vocation. Co-arise permaculturists of RNA/DNA life-systemic sustainability! Co-arise polyculturists of eco-metric polynomially square-rooted form and functional full-octave diversity for all six fully-conscious autonomic senses, pre-languaged awarenesses! Co-arise organically nutritious gardeners of food feeding all six sensory receptors, listeners to and of nature's luxurious harmonic sounds, dancers of fractally-balanced chi-time, breathers of resonate sound 0-sum mind, seers of mutual-coredeeming economies, political and familial relationships, physical, natural, spiritual, co-conscious regenerational medicine, and communication health optimization, polypathers of meta-systemic logos-wisdom prime temporal logical syntax for Yang/Yin relationship informing DNA polynomial balance. Co-Arise human natured DNA with Earth-natured RNA! Co-Arise RNA with Time's encultured memory! Co-Arise every cell programmed for regenerating health and cooperative wealth with photosynthesis. Co-Arise paradigmatic syntheses with power of Yang, with polyculturally transparent binomial YinYin sweeping WinWin systematic gaming theory, laughing not-not reverse-ordered double-bound Yes! growing dual-dark embryonic st-ring universally unitarian network, nesting convex negentropic polynomially eco-forming spacetime. Co-Arise! Co-Prehend decomposition as contraction with regeneration as expansion of form with organically intelligent function. Co-Redeem polyculturally cooperative investments! Co-Mentor nondual messianic dreams, prophetic streams of healthy wealth. Co-Incidate fully populated deductions with their non-polynomial zero-ionic opposites! Co-Meditate ecotherapeutic medication toward healthy wealthcare! Co-Passion RNA's ecojustice evolution of equi-valency, integrity, ecojustice, copassionate peace, co-arising polypathic consciousness, Win-Win Wombed in this world wide web. Confluate what would otherwise radiate as one-sided and mono-dimensional noisy chaos of linear mono-reductive historic time overly redacted from permaculture's 4-prime intelligence syntax, poly-neural tribal space of 3 reflecting 1 bilaterally decompositional non-polynomial space as c-squared equivalent time. Co-Arise this moment's integrative sublimely hued potential! of beauty's wise and wealthy healthy octave climax within beloved co-consciousness of heart and mind as bicameral breath, heat, fire, energy, informating intelligence alternating with yin-yin's syntax logos positive relationship zeroism's confluence with Positive concave explicate-ordered Yang Left-dominating deduction over convex implicate bilaterally temporal-primal RNA-ordered, as positive uracil functions equivalently with double-binary ionic balancing reverse-cytosine, as +/- c-squared equals (-,-)co-binary bilateral-time-squared information. Co-Arise WithOut WithOther WithOpposition WithSuffering WithDissonance WithBinomial Synergetic Discernment! Co-Arise dual-dark dawn's surprise. Co-Operate massive co-gravitational fields, binomially double-bound pirouette of time's nature. Energy co-arises matter through octaved light-bionic frequencies as bilateral time co-arises this present grace space as YinYin co-arises Yang as healthy bicameral wealth values integrate Beloved eco-sustainable cooperative economic systems, Climax Communities of locally articulated architecture, maintenance and biosystemic care plans and policies, nurturing polycultural design and co-development, ecological co-evolving health with wealth management. Positive Co-Mentoring EcoActivists, Arise!
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