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TransParent Exodus
Imagine we live in an eco-normative story of competing for wealth-commodities, cash piled in quantifiable currencies, collectively blinded to our Win-Win natural economic, ecological, psychological, biological health and well-being value roots. One day, our Permacultural Received View unveils a co-operatively synergetic evolution of positive health and articulation of mutual subsidiarity-- natural laws of economic and political and psychological and biological health and survival through thrival Permacultural Design, (and Taoist, and Buddhist, and JudeoChristian, and Islamic, and UU, and Sikh, and Hindu, with Ecological Wealth objectives defining spiritual principles, procedures, ethics laws of co-operative solidarity, co-passionate peace with ecojustice for all, mutually subsidiary freedoms to live full healthy lives balanced with freedom from dying deadly unhealthy deaths. Oh, yes! this feels familiar somehow. This appositionally poignant permaculture spectrum originates with the emptiness of winter's purgation, death, to evolve bio-systemically toward, to incarnate as to inform, to revolve full cycle to incorporate the opposite end of life's spectrum, not mere half-assed egocentric and anthrocentric competitive life, but fully sustainable health and well-being wealth from now through our grandchildren's grandchildren, and all their several cousins of diversely rainbowed and sensually intelligent holonic RNA/DNA-encrypted encrypting, predicting, forms with functional memory eco-logical species, bio-logic information processor systems, bicamerally fully conscious. We reverse our Left-brain dominant economic overshoot! Yeah us! As our cognitive disconnection from our own permacultural story evaporates, this confusion about measuring wealth with money rather than with sustainable, ecological health, about-faces toward inclusively co-operative survival of the most synergetically interdependent systems, evolving, positive deviant psychologizing new economizing healthy wealth, rather than BusinessAsUsual industry, pursuing toxic short-term Win-Lose evolutionary designs and plans for exponential development; collective worship of Left-brain dominant Ego-theism rather than continuing our pilgrimage toward Left-Right bicameral mutual governing equivalence values following a nutritional thrival trail back to our Original Big Bang ProGenitor, TransParent Pre-Temporal Timing of our Elder Right lens back through nutritional enculturing transparently binomial, time's core spinal prime-fold, erupting solid massively dense formation out informing polyculturing functions, flow streams, frequency intervals fractal seasonal revolving rhythms of radiantly Bi(0)-versive Exodus of Love's enlightening Time. When we choose healthy co-operative survival optimization by starving competition to accumulate wealth deposits, we will address stealth impoverishment, now feverishly hiding within un-consciousness of economically and politically and ecologically violating Golden Rules that advocate health and sustainable hope for all Earth's Grandchildren; the pan-ultimate measure of a culture's true wealth is its mutually balanced positive through double-negative nutritional feedback loops, seeking our Zero-Sum Co-Operatively Healthy Win-Win Eco-Normic Game Plan. Polynomial Power sustainably optimizes where monomial center trends toward Universal Co-Passion, healthy fulsome fusing flows and frequently reiterated functional patterns of HereNow TransParent Bicameral Consciousness, Ego as SoleSubject greets and mutually bows toward Eco-Logical WeSelf-as-SuperEco's Objective, Correlational, Co-incident, Bi-Nomially Permaculturally Balancing Time's 3-dimensional bodymind Space, Place, Pace of unfolding polyculturing Beloved Community Memory and ReDevelopment. PermaCulturists, like messianic shamans of all times and cultures, steward natural systems with a mutual-mentoring premise. Our Host Environment, EcoSystem, is both our Subject in the present moment and our Objective reconnecting toward a shared cooperative future, inclusive of all endogenous natural systems, species, air and water flows, sun and shadow glows. This SuperEco ProGenitor Hosts and Teaches through Elder Memory synchronicity. First, permaculturing prophets and alchemists listen requiring the purgation of Ego- and Anthro- Dominance; recovering EcoCentrism confluent with all SpaceTime balance and harmonies, flows with positive and negative functions, ionic frequencies, ironic humors cognitive dissonance too often hiding psychological dynamics striving for comprehensively balanced Eco-Consciousness, Eco-Zero-Centrism and Balance, as EcoLogical BioJustice Economics and CoOperative Governance. Bicamerally Left-Right confluent con-science brings sustainable healthy wealth of RNA-rooted memory systems. Bicameral Binomial-Consciousness emerges as human nature's cooperative stewardship our co-mentoring vocation, Commons-space syntax shared with equal rights by all Earth's Natural Systems. EgoCentrism is eisegetically held as good and normal and appropriate only as long as AnthroCentrism remains Left-brain Dominant, continues economically incarnating through Win-Lose competitive assumptions rather than choosing permacultural models for EctoSymbiotic Polycultural Revolution. A Bodhisattva-Ego lives in cooperative service with SuperEco, Universally Thermodynamic Balanced (0)-Centric, 4-Prime Dimensional, bio- and eco-logical, caretaker and metric "PlaceHolder" Polyculturist within Earth's RNA-syntax Tribes, encultured fractal (0)-sum economically cooperative souls, blossom Beloved Economic Community in full "Climax", incarnating integrative positive trending economic development, as transmillennial revolution away from pursuing wealth, toward co-operative health as our ecological paradigm for dialogical and economically sustainable re-exodus toward wealth optimization with equivalent creative freedom for all, in Beloved co-passionate peace.
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