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Medicinal Balance
The dregs and tumors of decay predict the medicine and balance of life. Those who stand on tiptoe do not stand firm; Those who stand with equal weight, bipedal-planted, do stand firm. Those who strain their stride do not walk well; Those who stride well-timed, grasping out only when and where environment reaches back, walk optimally endowed for matching power with positive co-passion. Those who reveal themselves are not luminous because those who reveal us to ourselves are too bright. Those who justify themselves are not far-famed because those who justify us to ourselves mentor just rightness with integrity of present truth with future promise. Those who boast of themselves are not given credit because those who boast of us within all Earth's Tribes are mutually credited, by all natural systems. Those who pride themselves are not chief among human nature because those who pride us within all nature are "spiritual leaders". These, in the eyes of Time's transparent matter healthing energy, Are called "the dregs and tumors of decay," things of disgust, disvalue; AND are called "the therapy and harmony of fully integrated life," optimizing relationships of economic and ecological value. Therefore those of Time's natural transparency of space, spurn dissonance, absorb eco-balance of Yang/Matter deducing-inducing Yin-Yin Iconically Gravitational Balance. One Yin without Her energetic Second, Ego-death inviting faith in and through and by and of and with TransParency of Eco matter/energy; transparent Time, 0 soul of ecologic, 0 sum total of economic transactional values, universally quintessential PlaceHolder, both Yang with Yin, "dark" matter rhyming hydrogenic form, "dark" energy timing helionic understory of Earth's ancestral permacultured Ergodic Fractal Tree. Ego death is both a silo isolation risk of 0-static flatline, and yin with yin, coincidental co-relational opportunity, opening a return to dominance of eco-Self's primal identity at cellular, sub-organic interdependent, "whole system universal body-mind" levels of 0-centric RNA-regeneratively rooted, consciousness of memory as in-telligent in-coming in-form-ation. Life evolves rooted within cellular systems of id-RNA-entity, eternal holonic binomial transparenting matterYang with integrative energy, Yin-Yin. Natural systemic wisdom is exegetically shared through Commons of RNA/DNA roots, while eisegetically shared through sacred synergetic ecologic, and transcendent trans-actional positively co-operating eco-normic heuristics, multisystemically liturgical language with Earth-warmed rhythms and patterns, sounds with sights, smells with tastes, feelings of mutual gravity toward our shared medicinal nutitritional dancing, avoiding toxic intent and praxis of negative-live dissonance sub-optimizing monoculture of unconscious entropic chaos, death. "Death" equals isolation, a silo sential silent "0" PlaceHolder, faith in absolute isolation of ego-Self-identity at cellular, suborganic, and "whole system embodied mind" as tri-systemic levels of conscientious mutually-transparent, subsidiary yet co-incident, correlation binomial Eco-Intelligent TransParenting FormYang with FunctionYin/Yin polypathic binomial metric eco-normic Open Bionic System. To co-prehend this ecologically economic conclusion of "Death", is to comprehend cooperative optimization, Earth Tribe's Polyculturing Life. To comprehend bicameral information processing is to re-cognize AnthroLanguage as our Ego/Eco-ionic Teacher, square rooted within Time's folding/unfolding, RNA/DNA (0)-soul syntax of inherited collective memory, breathing confluence in with dissonance out.
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