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DON'T FEED THE PARTICLES IN THE ZOO What particles ARE, with this list of ARE NOTS, ARE listed below to peruse in your thoughts. Mesons AREN'T plural for multiple mice. Baryons AREN'T picked for a pie just to slice. Neutrinos AREN'T Newts and Leptons don't leap. Muons AREN'T kittens that mew in their sleep. Electrons WON'T fry you to particle vapor. Gluons WON'T stick you, down to your paper. Gravitons AREN'T gravy nor dug from a grave. Tachyons AREN'T tacky in clothes you won't save. The Tau's AREN'T an Empire with power to wield. Bosons AREN'T bossy while out in their field. Fermions, ALL TWELVE, while The MATTER endorse, the Bosons, OF FIVE, are Carries of FORCE. Fermions WON'T be, in same-place-at-same-time, But Bosons WILL be, it's their paradigm. While some Quarks ARE Uppers and some let you Down. Some ARE true Toppers with Bottoms profound. Some DO act Strangely, while others have Charm. Mass, charge, spin, and color, ARE features they arm. Leptons ARE in "flavors" that can be most tasteful. What they ARE in decay is not at all wasteful. There ARE three generations that change what they weigh. And they ARE very different in how they decay. Electrons ARE stable with common precision. While Muons and Taus ARE made in collision. NO strong interactions these Leptons will take. Yet they're subject to basics, make NO mistake. Photons ARE particles AND waves of light. Gluons ARE binding in matter, just right. "W's" ARE weak in their force, it is true! So ARE the "Z's," who are last at the zoo. The Higgs, IS a boson that's so elusive. What boson it is, IS not so conclusive. We know IT's a particle with zero spin. IT's got positive parity from deep within. Now that you know what particles ARE NOT, And what some likely ARE, it can help quite a lot. Some things ARE tiny and invisible too. They ARE dancing about in the particle zoo. So MANY zoo particles for you to know. In a zoo of a SECRET particle show. Come SEARCH for particles, if brave and you dare. But DON'T feed the particles, while you are there! Edlynn Nau May 26, 2015
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