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malkavian three
His glowing golden eyes glistened with a comprehension beyond the mortal condition A well-toned, tall, and tanned man, who most, not all, would call handsome A brightly bleached stalactite overbite gleaned between the mean features of an off kilter grin A helter skelter perception that only madmen indulge in left him with an inhuman acumen An entirely empty entity, enslaved to the unnamed, untamed, the insatiable hunger He stood naked before David, who was mesmerized by those yellow eyes, pacified by their little white lies “I need it, but that’s not why I love it, crave it, and you David, you the one who gave it, need to give more” Quicker than a blink, faster than David could think, fangs sink deep into his vein, blood drained, not a single stain A wave of the hand and a graves worth of land is lifted and shifted out of the way A nod of the head and David, not yet dead, levitates and gravitates to his fate His eyes flutter, his heart sputters, his mind drifts further and further away Blood slips and drips from a slit wrist through his thinly parted lips “You are my favorite young, youthful David, but the trial must be given to all my chosen children” Spasms of the body, chasm of the mind, soul spinning southward, the hunger begins to dine Every single cell rebelled, every tangible thought repelled, every emotion explodes, the idea of identity, the security of self, invaded, tainted, overridden unbidden by the thirst Body twitching, soul flinching, limbs flinging, the earth starts to fall, above the pain, pressure, and somewhat pleasure of the change, he heard the worms, heard the worms and their call “Ah” said the smiling Malkav, “the gift of madness grants you memory, memory and a moment of clarity Do not enjoy it, for madness is your master just as assuredly as I am your sire” Malkav's memories melt in, fierce and foul visions of viscous manipulations Dark magic and darker tragic schemes where an end justifies the means David was just the latest, his father killed his mother driven mad and David's soul dragged along for the ride Then he was merged with the worms, icky sticky slinky worms, wailing flailing, frail worms, simple small single-minded worms, the corpse eating, carrion feeding, consumer of all that is dead and decaying, the most gross, disgusting f**king worms Horror gripped his non-beating heart, paradoxically pumping power into his appendages; he clawed the shaking and quaking earth, desperately attempting to escape the coming worms He remembered being them, felt them, feared them, tried to flee them, digging, climbing, screaming, he saw the light of the moon a little too late It’s impossible to say how many came his way, trillions, billions, millions, at least hundreds of thousands came to devour him By the time his chest crested the ground he was gone from the waist down, as he dragged half his frame, they emerged forming a wave, crashing around him and feasting on his undead flesh Malkav laughing, shouting, “you can’t deny what you are, face it and embrace it, be what you are or live a life forever trapped in this nightmare” The worms poured from the ground like a fountain forming a tiny little mini-hill; they wriggled, writhed, squirmed, and struggled to stay still At the height of chaos he saw her face, his other mother, her tender loving face full of beauty and grace Her red hair flared with the fanning wind, caressing her lightly freckled skin, her green emerald eyes embracing him with unconditional love The short time they spent together was the only happiness he had or ever knew The worms melted and merged, no longer a passenger he was now the master and the worms his slave, for the last time David was reborn Standing before Malkav, pointing accusingly “it was always YOU” Still laughing, cackling “absolutely it was always ME I am neither the cricket in your pocket nor the sinner or saint on your shoulder I simply am madness in its many various forms A madness that has shaped and molded the lives of all your ancestors, a madness that is now a gift I have given you And your future? Forever and eternity, every single surface will fail to reflect your face, as you search that vacant space for proof you exist, your mind will always fill that void with visions of me So yes it always was, is, and will be me" "We could fight for 80 years or more" David offers "or we could skip to the boats" Malkav thinking it over "will I get the stone one while you get one disguised as wood?" "We will both have boats of air beneath our foots I will be here and you will start there and we will race to that spot in the middle of us" "And what shall be my prize for winning?" "I will forgive you and we will be friends as we were once" "And on the off chance you’re the victor?" "Then you must be entombed for a thousands years under the land of Jerusalem" "Adding insult to injury knowing I hated that rumor about me But I would risk that much and more to have you with me willingly" Malkav went and took his position They stood starting at each other, sire and childer and then David said "go" The supernatural nature of a vampire's speed is such that there is no friction or effort Top speed it's reached in an instant with no sonic boom as the sound barrier it's breached An inescapable moment that took less time than a nanosecond The unnatural nature of vampires is the opposite of humans; the young are the ones at a disadvantage and youth lost to age Malkav the first to arrive begins to form the thought of raising his first in victory David who never had any intention of racing or winning never stopped Malkav not being close to unmovable makes David relatively unstoppable Speed kills The force of the impact is catastrophic to both bodies They smash splinter fracture and splatter into to the tiniest bits of blood and body matter Malkav who would have revived and healed had he had enough time was no more For a mass of worms bubbled to the surface, eating and drinking every last drop and piece before becoming David once again
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