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What golden fevers disease drives the madman’s insanity, A toxic yellow shines metal, that glitter beneath the polar Aurora, Of greed’s horded treasure of the Klondike’s curse! By sheer brawn's heaving and hoe, did these fortune hunters so come, Blinded fools of riches promised folly, nay to earn a king’s ransom by the Silver pan, but instead gaining nothing except a dead man’s empty hand! In a freezing bay of burgs of hard ice, did over loaded wooden vessels deliver Men and machines, ready to concur this barren frozen wasteland! Crushing waves and blizzard hurricanes, thrust against these broken hauls Of endurance's challenged, hopes evoked unto shattered lives, leaving nothing Behind except floating pieces of debris, and the bodies of the dead! In safety’s sheltering harbor, the mourning mariners toss tokens of memory, Unto their fallen comrades, as they remove their hats in respective prays honor! Let still the vessels kept on coming, filled to the very brim with its cargo of Humanity, those whom sought for easy riches, drove them into this Godless Country of ice and snow! But looking upwards unto hell's keep, these city green horns knew that the Devil would take most of them, by the rising of the next morning’s dawning light, On the twisted grids of freezing icy steps! Up the steep slopes of futility’s mountains, did the desperate and downtrodden Climb, bitten and gnarled by the frost demons of this untamed land of the forbidden, Clinging to the dream of the yellow shine beyond! Shovels to the grave, wooden crosses without names, all for a nuggets finite stone, Off set by the unbalanced weight scale of life vs death struggle, on this sliding ice curve Of reality! Cutting ice pikes, and long ropes of life lines, heave at the heavy sleds of provisions, As these sufferage's want a bees, drag their empty pockets of dreams illusions along, These trails of schemes delusions, in this blizzard storm of mirages! Bold is the hearts of the young and restless sprites of youth, But in this frozen tundra of death, it is the roughed, tough individual Whom will strike it rich with endurance's pioneering soul, to over Come these challenges of nature’s raw awesome force of Survival! In the future nature shall bare the scares of this gold rush fever, The land will rise dragging the bodies of ships alpine high, Air bounding them within the trees tops, and the graves of the fallen Will be swallowed whole by the mighty Ocean itself, But legends never die, yet their stories are retold amongst the fires Of generations! What golden fevers disease drives the madman’s insanity, A toxic yellow shines metal, that glitter beneath the polar Aurora, Of greed’s horded treasure of the Klondike’s curse! BY: CHERYL ANNA DUNN Dedicated to my Poet Destroyer Just for the challenage!
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