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PsychoTripic Theory of Everything
Consciousness co-arises nondually internal-external. Today I want to talk about possibilities for permacultural dynamics, which are natural systemic relationships, correlations, between Left-brain deductive consciousness, Right-brain inductive ecoconsciousness, and a double boundary between these bicameral landscapes, which we call unconsciousness. The feasibility, much less value, of recognizing this phrase, "unconscious mind," as an oxymoron may have optimally Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) implications for polypathic potential to develop comprehensive consciousness of both our Left-deductive cognitive confluence, and our Right-intuitive cognitive dissonance as negentropic, or negative, appositional correlation. But first a note about the "correlation" of information as calculable datum. Try, if you would be so kind, to imagine that a positive correlation of information, like the association of winter with cold, and summer with warmth and maturation of plant and animal life, is functionally analogous to: Correlation: Coincidental energy trends of association, transaction, action, mutual giveness, cooperative relationship, polycultural intention; implied mutual attraction of any gravitational bilaterality. And, these coincidental correlations can be positive or negative trending across time as experienced through bilateral consciousness. But, when correlations of deductive consciousness are positive trending, our Right-brain "eco"conscious awareness of coincidental self/other proportion and function responds to this same data set of informating energy with a "not-not" cognitive dissonance screen. That is, when the Left brain sees opportunity to invest in correlative information, the Right brain decomposes risks of investing where double-negative ecologic remainders are dissonant with Left-brain's languaged deductive resolution. When our Left brains compare positive and negative correlations from the past with current experiential research data, this means our balancing Right brains coincidentally correlate with double-bind autonomic memory loops, using DNA lexicon, fractally self-regenerative permaculturally self-balancing, seasonal, and equi-proportionately feminist, or matriarchal, development syntax. This coincidental correlation responds to Left-brain's question "What is a revolution of life?" with "What is a universal evolution of not-not death?" Right-brain translates Left-brain's "Closed System" lexicon as "Open Thermodynamic Balanced System." Our conscious mind responds to cognitive dissonance by dismissing current information proposed by our receptive neural sensors which may be what we call "unconscious mind"-- one that lacks optimally comprehensive consciousness because of this unresolved, un-resonant, ex-formative, distorted information boundary between Left and Right hemispheric balance. Meanwhile, coincidentally, Right brain intuitive awareness seems to be how we have culturally marginalized, disempowered, oppressed and suppressed permacultural cognitive confluent consciousness; how Western and Male and Right-hand dominant cultures disempowered our Yin-Yin, Win-Win, wu-wei, tipping point, TrimTab potential by dismissing intuitional awareness to the merely "sub"conscious netherworld of mythological icons and over-active spiritual crystal-gazing. As our correlative and coincidental consciousness moves toward Right with Left balance, harmonic 4-dimensional spacetime as permaculturally comprehensive consciousness unveils Right-brain's "Eternal Universally Open Moment" understory as poly-consciously regeneratively optimizing DNA lexicon's potential information, with enthymematic form and positive OVER negative function and flow and flux "surfing;" perhaps David Bohm's "Implicate Order," but also Buckminster Fuller's comprehensive systemic consciousness of Explicate OVER Implicate as (0) Core Vertex OVER Dark Hole Vortexial Alpha through (0)Mega Point. As comprehensive consciousness evolves, permeating human nature's future deductive-inductive balancing potential, this boundary term "unconscious mind" will evaporate, as we learn to see what was not conscious as what is coincidentally, correlationally, dynamic as cognitive, affective normative, and potentially effective "eco" conscious Right-brain awareness of heuristic dissonance between what has impacted one or more of our senses and our double-binding memory of Elder experience. Comprehensive consciousness compares to a fully enlightened neural-cellular system, a diastatic heart, fully-encultured lungs, as entropic unconscious chaotic exforming carnation compares to dissonance within our disembodied dismay and fear of death. Freud's tripartite decomposition of consciousness, with Id as a disturbingly primal unconscious "self" lurking behind Ego's consciousness, lording over the sometimes bitchy Superego's poly-ionic subconscious mind, might have appeared psycho-dynamically normative to Freud because of his research and analysis focus on people experiencing significant dipolar Left-Right dissonance. Probably more helpful on this journey toward permaculturally comprehensive consciousness is to reconceptualize consciousness as a Left-Right bicameral conversation through DNA/RNA's language roots, where Positive Polynomial Information tries to retain thermodynamic balance with Negative Not-Not Polynomial double-bound Right-brain fractal-octave root frequencies and functions of communication and community and economic and ecological development; which we also experience as evolution toward regenerative CQI standards for fully-balanced healthy consciousness. A correlative observation: notice that positive teleological correlations, which we think of as indicators of life's evolutionary and regeneratively omniscient trend toward our hoped for future time of beloved climaxing diversity, follows a Right-Left cooperative balancing economic investment profile, by logically following a Win-Win Gaming strategy.
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