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Ecotherapeutic Justice
When passion plants a multicultural seed, then justice flourishes a polypathic trusting flower. Permaculture and polyculture, grow holistic cause-effect karmic significance for our physical, and mental, political and spiritual health. Permacultural, as I intend it this morning, refers to Yang’s power for nutritional sustainability of natural systems; health-power that is universally comprehensive consciousness mindful. Permacultural wisdom is rooted in ancient Golden Rules and Ratios balanced spiritual proportion and right natural relationship between ego and eco, between self and partners, family, tribal environment. Polycultural gardens and landscapes, whether natural-exterior or human natured-interior, are positive outcomes anticipated, designed, beloved by Organic-Harmonic Permaculturalists. The opposite of polycultural paradise we might describe as: 1. monocultural (not multiculturally therapeutic) 2. monopolistic and dominating (not mutually cooperative governance, economics, as ecologic) 3. monochromatic (not polymorphically-polypathically natured, regened, generated, evolved, not full octave frequencies of color and harmony). Permacultural development is to Yang’s force and power. as Polycultural outcomes are to Yin’s therapeutic flex and flow. And so it is that in this our permacultural parable, One winter of discontent, about 1000 years from now, and more, and less, the Universalist Prophets of Justice turned rather coldly upon the Unitarian Mystics of Warm Compassion. What happened to Truth, Justice, and the American Independent Way of Freedom; low risk, high yield economic and political life? So, as was their practice, these suffering ReGenesis Community Yin-Mystics of too-great compassion went off to hibernate this harsh dark justice, to decompose this permacultural puzzle of the thrival of the economic fittest, and yet also fattest. How could it be that competing weapons of bloated wealth are more powerful than our compassionate Gaia Goddess of ecological “why can’t we all just play cooperatively” wisdom? How could an omnipotent benign Unitarian Hostess give birth to litters of runtish parasites without giving them at least a flat playing field for winning more positive outcomes than the dinosaurs? Following gratitude for winter’s metamorphic suffering and chronically stressed tough-love teachers, Grandmother Moon responded with polycultural wisdom of waxing and waning hope for spring’s new life: When winter’s suffering composts in each person, compassion grows more inclusive and diverse, richer, more fertile root systems, arguing with rather than arguing against, struggling with rather than struggling against. Composted in the family, co-passion will optimize wealth of nutritional values for all senses, feelings, awareness; Composted in the neighborhood and your local cooperative economy, and political platforms, policies, plans, co-passion will positively slow-growth multiply; Organically composted throughout the nations, cooperative ownership and lifestyles could optimize economic and sociotherapeutic regenerativity, recreating cooperative Win-Win cultural assumptions from that old-school pre-millennial Win-Lose competitive economics, permaculturaling our wealth of nations. During the subsequent long warm summer days of maturing gardens and wisdom, the ReGenesis Community’s Universalist Justice Prophets of the Unraveling Future and Unitarian Compassion Mystics of Reweaving Cultural Herstory, stewed this steamy stone soup compost. Each prophet and mystic, Yanger and Yinner, Universalist and Unitarian, shares his and her struggles with injustice and need, we sing our segregating sexual, racial, ecological, economic, political, historical and cultural hurt and disappointment, including every “my nature matters” message and slogan and sign of impending flying apart, rather than investing in flying together. We grapple for life fully lived in the future, at least as well as now. True justice is no more anthro-centric than ego-centric. No more ego-centric than Left-brain dominant. Perhaps our permacultural justice opera is sung in a difficult and challenging key, but it cannot be a song if there is no full-octave key accessible within each, and equitably shared by all. Compassion seeds suffer and burst, struggle and strain, first within our dark winters, toward ego-Left and eco-Right balanced root systems, seeking peace-filling integrity of justice for ourselves, and then others, our interdependent co-passionate mentors and messiahs, and then Earth Herself, with all nature’s species and Tribes, within all revolving time, advocate for all generations of life. Universal Justice expands up and out Yang from Unitarian compassion roots, Yang from Yin, mutually consuming and productive cycles of becoming fit to thrive together. Universal Justice flowers from Unitarian bicultural yang/yin balance, as Left to Right hemispheric balance, as West to Eastern cultural wisdom, as space from time’s unfolding, rhythm from rhyme’s iconic order, rational logic from eco-logically informed systemic function, deductive reason discerned from inductive, experiential, reconnecting wisdom. Left from Right as regathering nature from regifting Elder spirits, as belonging grows from longing to reconnect, as July’s bloom emerges from January’s gloom. Communication of justice, to be communication at all, must be a cooperative enterprise; not a competitively punishing exercise in dominatrix. This multicultural kinda “beloved” justice emerges from cooperative co-passionate vocations with and for and of all Earth’s Tribes, species, trees and forests and oceans. Polycultural justice equivalently loves all Earth’s mutually grateful, resonant, seasons and generations, including summer’s heated gratitude for the suffering sadness of winter, Polycultural justice invites all Earth’s Past and Future Redeemer Regenerations to Universally Permacultural Life.
Copyright © 2020 Gerald Dillenbeck. All Rights Reserved